Marble Price List

Sr. No Name Image Price List
1 African Brown Marble African Brown Marble 210 Per SqFt
2 Almiscado Marble Almiscado Marble 240 per sqft
3 Armani Beige Marble Armani Beige Marble 170 per sqft
4 Armani Brown Marble Armani Brown Marble 190 per sqft
5 Armani Grey Marble Armani Grey Marble 180 per sqft
6 Bianco Marfil Marble Bianco Marfil Marble 180 per sqft
7 Blue Sapphire Marble Blue Sapphire Marble 200 per sqft
8 Botega Grey Marble Botega Grey Marble 300 per sqft
9 Bottocino Marble Bottocino Marble 170 per sqft
10 Breccia Aurora Marble Breccia Aurora Marble 200 per sqft
11 Brecha Rosetta Marble Brecha Rosetta Marble 200 per sqft
12 Brescia Estrella Marble Brescia Estrella Marble 180 per sqft
13 Brescia Vaticana Marble Brescia Vaticana Marble 220 per sqft
14 Burberry Beige Marble Burberry Beige Marble 180 per sqft
15 Cafe Imperiale Marble Cafe Imperiale Marble 180 per sqft
16 Carpediem Marble Carpediem Marble 200 per sqft
17 Champagne Beige Marble Champagne Beige Marble 170 per sqft
18 DMartino Marble DMartino Marble 190 per sqft
19 Dyna Marble Dyna Marble 170 per sqft
20 Ebony Silver Marble Ebony Silver Marble 170 per sqft
21 Ellegiance Briss Marble Ellegiance Briss Marble 200 per sqft
22 Golden Portoro Marble Golden Portoro Marble 230 per sqft
23 Grey Breccia Marble Grey Breccia Marble 180 per sqft
24 Grey Emperador Marble Grey Emperador Marble 200 per sqft
25 Grey Laurent Marble Grey Laurent Marble 400 per sqft
26 Grey Orobico Marble Grey Orobico Marble 270 per sqft
27 Grey Williams Marble Grey Williams Marble 190 per sqft
28 Irish Brown Marble Irish Brown Marble 180 per sqft
29 Light Emperador Marble Light Emperador Marble 180 per sqft
30 Metal Rust Marble Metal Rust Marble 250 per sqft
31 Ocean Beige Marble Ocean Beige Marble 200 per sqft
32 Perlato Sicilia Marble Perlato Sicilia Marble 200 per sqft
33 Pizzato Marble Pizzato Marble 180 per sqft
34 Sarancollin Marble Sarancollin Marble 210 Per Sqft
35 Signature Marble Signature Marble 200 per sqft
36 ST Louis Marble ST Louis Marble 270 per sqft
37 Vegas Gold Marble Vegas Gold Marble 200 per sqft
38 Versace Grey Marble Versace Grey Marble 190 per sqft

Stone Hub India provides one of the largest collection of the world’s finest stones. Our collection comprises of more than 300 varieties of marble from the best quarries of Italy, Spain, Greece & Turkey. We are currently processing 30 premium colors and a range of marble.

Kishangarh is Asia’s largest marble market and we are the pioneer in best imported Italian marble in Kishangarh. Everything you have in your mind, about marble selection will change when you visit the endless stock at Stone Hub India. Our Marble has got the highest value of design, texture, finish & gloss which adds to great architectural structures like hotels, offices, showrooms, farmhouses & many luxury projects. Imported Marbles Price Starting From 150 Rs. Per Sq. Feet up to 300 Rs. And above in Kishangarh, India.