Grey Orobico Marble

Grey Orobico Marble

Collection : Forte
color : Brown, Grey, Multicolor
About Grey Orobico Marble :

Grey Orobico marble is a beautiful italian marble grey in color with poliformic and veining shade of light brown. Grigio Orobico belongs at arabescato family, very recognizable capable of give personality to applications.

Grigio Orobico marble is used for interior flooring, for implementation luxury half baths, everyday objects and countertops, but thanks his resistence it can be used for outdoor flooring. Expresses his beauty in the best way in lucid finish. Grey color is suitable to accompany modern and minimal furnishings.


Grey Orobico Marble 


Arabescato Orobico Grigio Italian Marble is the full name of the grey Orobico marble. This is another imported marble from Italy, and there are various names such as - Grigio Oribico, Marmo Oribico Grigio, and many more. Available in various forms like tiles, slabs, and blocks, you can use them for both commercial and personal purposes. 

Features of Grey Orobico Marble 


There are various features available for the Italian imported marble, Grey Orobico marble mentioned below - 


  • The real origin of this imported marble is Bergamo in Italy. 

  • The features that appeal to the people are the dancing veins of black, grey, white and yellow. 

  • This marble is available in various colors and patterns that may blow your mind. 

Pros of the GREY MARBLE 


  • If you are someone who is planning to choose grey color then there are various color and patterns available in the market that may surprise you. 

  • Grey marbles are classy, durable and no worries about scratch. 

  • Doesn’t require extra efforts for maintenance

  • This is the perfect choice for wall and floor. 

  • Provides luxurious appearance and budget-friendly. 

Application of Orobico marble  


  • Best to use for monuments, mosaics, fountains, pools, and almost for every interior and exterior use. 

  • Flooring and furniture - this marble is suitable for everything.

Price of Grey Orobico Marble marble is ₹ 270* per square feet

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