Irish Brown Marble

Irish Brown Marble

Collection : Bellezza
color : Brown
About Irish Brown Marble :

Irish Brown Marble is a brown background color with light brown and rose hues and white color veins.  Irish Brown Marble can be processed into Honed, Aged, Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock faced, Sandblasted, Bushhammered, Tumbled and so on.

Irish brown marble 


Damn sure! You couldn’t move on from the hangover of this marble. Interior designers recommend installing this marble in the building for a magnificent experience. Irish brown marble is brown in color in the background and light brown and grey color in the veins all around. The brown color symbolizes the resilience and sense of strength that create inspiring vibes in the environment. 

Appearance - 


  • This is brown in color and it's available in premium quality. 

  • Haphazard veins of light brown and grey color

  • This marble is quarried from China 

  • The best advantage of the Irish brown marble is that - it has crack free surface, and low water absorption capacity. 

  • The other reason why people use this marble is because of its durability and the lifetime of the Irish brown marble is 15 years. 

Application and other information 


  • This is generally used in the wall capping, countertop, fountain, pools, interior flooring, bathroom vanity, wall cladding of bathroom, kitchen, living room and also in sink tops. 

  • The polishing of the marble is available in the following manner - sanded, rock-faced, swan cut, sandblasted, tumbled and bush-hammered. 

  • Someone doesn't need to hustle in finding the marble and also it doesn’t require high maintenance. 

  • Scratch resistant is high and has matte type appearance.

  • It has stain, heat and moisture resistance capacity.

  • Irish brown marble stands in almost all the worst situations. 


Pricing information of Irish brown marble 


The price of the Irish brown marble is around 220 INR Per Square Feet

Price of Irish Brown Marble marble is ₹ 180* per square feet

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