Emperador Dark Marble

Emperador Dark Marble

Collection : Spazio
color : Brown
About Emperador Dark Marble :

Stonehubindia:- Emperador Dark is a charming marble from Spain highlighting a scope of dim, rich tans and grays. This marble is suggested for both private and business property establishments. Design lovely marble ledges, marble tile floors, emphasize dividers, and different highlights with sections and organizing tiles from the Emperador Dark accumulation.

Emperador Dark Marble 


Dark colors symbolize power, elegance, and formality, and these colors create a significant impact on the mind. Due to this reason - there is no doubt before choosing the dark marble in the professional and personal buildings. Emperador dark marble comes into the collection of brown marble, and this marble is well known for its irregular patterns and style of veins on the surface. If you are someone who is not interested in light color marbles any more or wants to try something else, read on. Then this is the time to choose the Emperador dark marble for an aesthetic appearance. The strange fact about it is that “Emperador dark brown" is a marble and breccial type of stone.  


Dark Emperador is available in two different styles, and everything is based on the dark brown patterns and veins. The first is uniformly dark brown with white calcite, while the second is a little lighter in brown with white calcite. 

Appearance - 


  • The color of the Emperador dark marble is Dark brown.

  • This marble is quarried from Spain from the town Yecla. 

  • Emperador dark marble is quite famous all over the region of the Spain. 

  • The appearance of the marble is dark and has a charming appearance that melts the heart of the people. 

  • In the collection of dark marble, this is one of the best to choose for the interior and exterior parts of the building. 

  • Emperador dark marble is available in different types of polishing like - polished, sandblasted, honed, and bush hammered

  • The price of the Emperador dark marble is competitive because of its demand and availability. 

Application - 


  • This marble is generally used for the flooring.

  • Also in the bath design but not recommended for external use. 

Pricing information -

In the market, the available price of the Emperador dark marble is 360 INR per square foot.

Price of Emperador Dark Marble marble is ₹ 200* per square feet

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