Bottocino Marble

Bottocino Marble

Collection : Migliore
color : Beige, Cream
About Bottocino Marble :

 We are driving Importer of Bottocino Marble hinders from Italy. We purchase squares straightforwardly from Italy and process at our best in class plant. Bottocino is an Italian marble.It is used for deck reason, dividers, kitchen, shower, contemporary receiving areas, illustrations courses of action, eating spaces, hotel, campaign, pool districts, lounges, edges, cladding. Bottocino renowned for its high brilliance and visual interest to the zone with best quality, appearance , designs and outlines , sizes ,toughness , utility, hues , costs and some more.

Botticino marble 


Marble is a natural gift for human beings, and we can utilize it in various ways. The limestone was deposited several years ago in the depths of the earth's core. The pressure, temperature, and sunlight allow it to have a more durable, shining, and extravagant appearance. 


In the collection of Italian imported marble, Botticino is the best-class imported marble with a natural aesthetic look. To learn more about the Botticino marble, let’s dig deep into this and see why we need to choose this marble for the interior and exterior of buildings. 

Appearance and Origin - 


  • The other name of the Botticino marble is Bottichino marble

  • The color of the Botticino marble is natural beige and veins are brown color. 

  • The reason why it is referred to with the name “Botticino” is because this marble is quarried from the Botticino town. 

  • The color is pleasant to the eyes and there are different shades and patterns available for this marble.

  • Botticino marble is the finest imported marble, with additional characteristics such as luxury, luster, and shine. 


Types of Botticino Marble: 


There are various types of Botticino marble available, and here are some of the best-quality imported Botticino marbles: 


  • Royal Botticino 

  • Botticino classico marble 

  • Botticino semi classico marble 

  • Botticino Diorite marble


Botticino marble varies in terms of quality, color, and availability. 

Application of Botticino Marble -


The application of the Botticino marble are mentioned below - 


  • Botticino marble are used in flooring, bathrooms vanity, bar of ceiling, table top and kitchen countertops. 

  • Designers recommend to choose this high-quality marble for interior and exterior design of the building. 

  • This beautiful marble has extreme beauty and luxury to add in almost every corner of the room. 


Price of Bottocino Marble marble is ₹ 170* per square feet

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