Golden Marine Marble

Golden Marine Marble

Collection : Spazio
color : Brown
About Golden Marine Marble :

Golden Marine Marble is imported marble of brown color from the marble quarry of turkey. There is a presence of white veins with brown background. This type of marble is good for durability & water resistance. Golden Marine Marble can be used for construction and design projects. It is commonly used for countertop, flooring, wall cladding and stair casing. This marble is also preferred for mosaic, exterior wall cladding, fountains, pools, and other design projects.

Golden Marine Marble 


In the Spazio’s collection - Golden marine marble is the best imported marble. Stone Hub India is the best imported marble company in Kishangarh and if you are wondering about the best collection at one place. Then this is the only place to choose for decorating the building. The color patterns, style and design of the Golden marine marble makes this marble stand out from the rest. 


Appearance - 


  • The color of the golden marine marble is light grey in color. 

  • This marble is quarried from Italy. 

  • Golden marine marble has higher resistance to absorb water

  • Durable and has enough strength to handle pressure. 

  • This is premium quality imported marble. 

  • Interior designer and constructors recommend the best imported marble 

Application - 


  • This is generally used for the flooring, countertop and wall cladding. 

  • Fountains and pools are also the place where this marble is used. 

Pricing - 


The price of the golden marine marble is 350-400 INR per square foot.

Price of Golden Marine Marble marble is ₹ 160* per square feet

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