Carpediem Marble

Carpediem Marble

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About Carpediem Marble :

Carpediem marble comes with various filtrations in tones from brown to red. It is a luxurious marble imported from the finest quarries of Turkey & Italy.This Marble has a extreme fine and smooth texture which features grey brown background with white & red veins.It is suitable for any space in which you want to add luxary.

Carpediem Marble 


Carpediem marble - this marble has various patterns of color from brown to red. Here are a few more facts about the Stone Hub India collection, an imported marble company in Kishangarh. 

Appearance -


  • This marble is grey and brown in the background with the veins of red color. 

  • Carpediem marble is quarried in Italy and Turkey

  • The texture of the marble is smooth and of fine quality. 

  • The finishing of the marble is leather, flamed, brushed, polished, honed 

  • Interior designers recommend this marble for interior and exterior decorations

Application - 


  • This marble is generally used for kitchens, lobby, fireplaces, and interior and exterior decorations. 

  • Bathroom walls, and swimming pool areas

Pricing information -


The price of the Carpediem marble is 200 INR per square meter.

Price of Carpediem Marble marble is ₹ 200* per square feet

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