Light Emperador Marble

Light Emperador Marble

Collection : Migliore
color : Brown
About Light Emperador Marble :

Emperador Light Marble is a sort of light colored marble quarried in Turkey. This stone is particularly useful for Exterior - Interior divider and floor applications, ledges, mosaic, wellsprings, pool and divider topping and other outline projects.Light Emperador Marble is Light  shaded marble, which is depicted by its irregular vein. It can be used for deck, back splashes,bathrooms or fireplaces. 

Light Emperador Marble 


Other names for the light emperador marble are Chira marble, Chira stone, Shira, and light emperador Lebanon. Light Emperor Marble is a versatile marble that is effortless to work with. This marble is treated chemically and then brought into use. Here are a few more facts about the Stone Hub India Collection, an imported marble company in Kishangarh. 

Appearance -


  • Light emperador marble is a combination of beige, cream and brown colors

  • This marble is quarried in Bursa.

  • The finishing of the standard marble is honed and polished. 

  • Interior designers recommend this marble for interior and exterior decorations

  • The thickness of the marble is 16-18 mm 

  • These marbles are dust, scratch and stain resistant

  • The strength, ease of use, durability and requires minimum efforts. 

  • Shine remain the same for a long period of time

  • Low water absorption capacity, inimitable effect, resilience, and natural texture. 

  • The porosity of this marble is low 



  • This marble is generally used for flooring, kitchen countertops, sinks, and monuments. 

  • Used for interior and exterior wall decoration and other commercial purposes. 

Pricing information -


The light emperador marble costs 200 INR per square meter on the market.



Price of Light Emperador Marble marble is ₹ 180* per square feet

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