Astrus Grey Marble

Astrus Grey Marble

Collection : Forte
color : Grey, White
About Astrus Grey Marble :

Astrus Grey is a kind of grey marble quarried from the best mines of turkey. Known for its absolute grey colour & perfect veinings all around it.  This beautiful marble is found in turkey and can give extreme pleasant view where it is once applied.


Appearance -


  • This marble is of grey color with white veins on the surface. 

  • Astrus Grey marble is quarried from Turkey. 

  • Interior designers recommend this marble for interior and exterior decorations

  • This is available in the type of wall marble, flooring marble and marble slabs.  

  • The finishing of the marble is polished

Application - 


  • This marble is generally used for wall, backsplash, countertop and mosaic, fountain and interior and exterior decorations. 

Pricing information - 


The price of the exposed concrete marble is 190 INR per square meter.

Price of Astrus Grey Marble marble is ₹ 190* per square feet

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