Burberry Grey Marble

Burberry Grey Marble

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About Burberry Grey Marble :

Burberry Grey Marble This is the finest and superior quality of Imported Marble. This type of marble is basically imported from the best quarries of turkey and specifically imported to give your homes the best looks.

Burberry Grey Marble 


Burberry grey marble is quarried in Italy, and the color of this marble is soft and soothing. This is the finest and highest-quality marble, and it is available in square and rectangular shapes. The following type of the Burberry Gray marble available i.e..floor marble, wall marble and marble slabs

Appearance -


  • The color of the marble is gray 

  • The thickness of the marble is 15-20 mm 

  • The finishing of the marble is well polished.

  • This is better quality imported marble having a glossy appearance. 

  • The available size of the grey marble is 1200*2400 mm 

  • Resistant, adds tranquillity and durable are the following traits of the burberry grey marble. 

Application - 


  • This marble is used in the kitchen countertops, washroom, lobby and living room. 

  • Other applications include hotel and restaurants. 

Pricing information -


The price of the Italian imported marble, Burberry Gray marble, is 215 INR per square foot.



Price of Burberry Grey Marble marble is ₹ 240* per square feet

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