Black Gold Marble

Black Gold Marble

Collection : Giovane
color : Black
About Black Gold Marble :

We Stone hub India are the prime provider of this sort of marble . It is fundamentally a Golden Portoro Marble with waterfall like surface on it. These items are generally refreshing for its smoothness and fine surface. Brilliant Portoro Marble is premium nature of Marble, utilized as a part of restroom ledge and columns, rise and adornment and furniture.

Black Gold Marble -


Have you ever seen black gold? Black gold marble is the only marble that seems like black gold. This marble has stunning features that compel the audience to put it to use. Another name for the black and gold marble is the Portoro marble. There are various shades and patterns available in black. But this seems quite better than others because of its elegant shine and unique vein design. 

Appearance - 


  • The color of the Black gold marble is black with white color random veins.

  • This marble is quarried from Balochistan near to Pakistan. 

  • The main features of this marble are fine grains, absence of fossil, and appealing black background. 

  • There are large variety of Black gold marble are available and here are some of the following - 


  • Black pearl 

  • Black magic

  • Ruivina 

  • Portoro antalya 


  • The polishing of the Black gold marble are - peeled, polished, honed, sandblasted and hammered

  • Balck and gold marble has low porosity. 

  • The other strange fact about the Black gold marble is that - they require massive efforts and maintenance. 

Application - 


  • The main application of the Black and Gold marble is in the cladding, flooring, furniture tops. 

  • Others include residences, buildings, and hotels or villas. 


Pricing information - 


The price range of the black and gold marble is 180 INR per square foot, available in the market. 

Price of Black Gold Marble marble is ₹ 200* per square feet

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