Grigio Imperiale Marble

Grigio Imperiale Marble

Collection : Spazio
color : Brown, Pink, Orange
About Grigio Imperiale Marble :

Grigio Imperiale Marble is a kind of grey marble with orange abstract stray patch & red veins.It is commonly used for floor applications, counter tops, fountains,pools,etc.This marble is basically for home improvement & interior decoration, flooring, kitchen, etc.

Grigio Imperiale Marble 


GRIGIO IMPERIALE MARBLE is referred to by various names, like - Marmo Grigio imperiale, Grigio Imperiale Marble, Imperiale Grey Marble, and Royal Grey Marble. Grey is the variant color of black, if you want to try something different for the countertop of the building. Then this is the one to choose for yourself. 

Appearance - 


  • The color of the marble is grey in background, orange patches and red veins on its surface. 

  • Quarried from the Italy region. 

  • The location of the quarry is Provincia Di Lucca, TOSCANA 

  • The polishing of the marble is available in - semi polished, sawn cut, sanded, rockfaced, tumbled and sandblasted. 

  • The water absorption capacity is 1.05%

Application -


  • This is generally used in the countertops, monuments, mosaic, wall capping, and fountain or pool. 

  • Best for interior and exterior purposes. 

Pricing information -


The price of the Grigio imperiale marble is 220 INR per square feet



Price of Grigio Imperiale Marble marble is ₹ 220* per square feet

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