Golden Spider Marble

Golden Spider Marble

Collection : Spazio
color : White, Orange
About Golden Spider Marble :

Golden Spider is a white base with golden yellow streaks.It is presnt in hones,polished sawn cut,rockfaced & tumbled.It can be used in exterior-interior walls, applications,countertops,fountains and other design projects.Also known as drama gold & Platanotopas marble.

Golden Spider Marble 


The reason why this marble is referred to as the Golden Spider Marble is because it has fine lines on the surface like the web. On the surface of marble, there are web-like zig zag fine streaks of the golden yellow color. This looks impressive and magnificent when it is installed in the floor and building. 

Appearance - 


  • The color of the marble is white in the background and orange streaks. 

  • The polishing of the marble are of the following types - honed, semi-polished, polished and sawn. 

  • This marble is also known as - drama gold and platanotopas. 

  • The water absorption capacity is 0.21% wt

  • The friction wear ability is 2.06 mm 

  • Durable, available in different patterns, style and has strength to handle the external pressures

Application -  


  • This marble is generally used in flooring, countertops, and fountains.

  • Designers recommend to use this marble for the interior decorations


Pricing information - 


The price of the golden spider marble is 250-400 INR per square foot.

Price of Golden Spider Marble marble is ₹ 250* per square feet

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