Grey Breccia Marble

Grey Breccia Marble

Collection : Bellezza
color : Grey, Golden
About Grey Breccia Marble :

Whether light or dark, with beautifully eccentric variegations or not, the wide range of our Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese and Italian  marble  is guaranteed to bring  beautified surroundings to your home.This marble is currently out of stock


Grey Breccia marble 


The word "breccia marble" means the “broken pieces of marble” or the stones or rocks mixed with the marble. Because of its elegant appearance, this marble has earned the top spot on the featured list of the best imported Italian marble. 

Types of Breccia Marble 


There are following color and patterns available in the market for Breccia available and here we have mentioned


  • Beige Breccia marble 

  • Blue Breccia marble 

  • White Breccia marble 

  • Brown Breccia marble 

  • Red Breccia marble 

  • Rose breccia marble 

  • Grey breccia marble 

  • Creamy Breccia marble

  • Mix color Breccia marble 


The polishing of this marble is semi-polished and well-polished. 

White Breccia marble -

Appearance, and Origin 


  • Whitebreccia White is the most popular marble color, it comes in a variety of shades that can be used both in residential and commercial settings. 

  • Our White Breccia Marble is sourced from Italy, which ensures that the product meets the required standards set by Indian authorities. 

  • The material is highly durable and suitable for use in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 

  • White marble is a type of gypsum that is quarried in Italy. 

  • It is known for its fine and subtle color, making it perfect for natural stone countertops and floors. 

  • The price of white Breccia marble is better to afford. 

  • The color of white marble makes it perfect for contemporary bathrooms where the surfaces are predominately white (such as an en-suite bathroom). 

Grey Breccia marble - 


The Grey Breccia marble, as the name suggests, is grey in color and comes in a variety of patterns and sizes. The thickness of the grey breccia marble is in the dimensions of 3 by 4 and 1 by 4. The polishing of the grey breccia marble is well done and well placed, and it comes in the shape of a rectangular slab. 

Application - 


For residential and commercial purposes, the grey breccia marble is highly recommended. Kitchen countertops and backsplashes, coffee and bar tables, fireplaces and fireplace mantels, bathroom vanity tops and countertops, columns, and wall coverings are all popular uses for grey breccia marble. 






Price of Grey Breccia Marble marble is ₹ 180* per square feet

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