Armani bronze Marble

Armani bronze Marble

Collection : Bellezza
color : Grey
About Armani bronze Marble :

Stone Hub India is the best Armani bronze Marble Supplier. This marble is especially good for Construction stone, countertops, mosaic, ornamental stone, landscaping stone, monuments, stairs and other design projects.

Armani bronze marble

Appearance and Origin - 


  • Imported Italian collection of marble, found in Kishangarh and Jaipur. 

  • Armani Bronze Marble Kishangarh is a marble-like stone with a grey/beige tone. The marble is imported from Italy and the Kishangarh district of Rajasthan, India. 

  • The marble stone was quarried in a land called Kishangarh, which is located in the state of Rajasthan. This ancient province can be traced back to 2000 BC and its location from the Indus Valley Civilisation (6000-2600 BC). 

  • Our Armani Bronze Marble is a superior quality marble, commonly used in luxury homes throughout the world. 

  • Its rich golden color and sleek, smooth finish are the perfect combination in your home. 

  • Kishangarh marble is a one of its kind variety of marble and is mostly used in interior decorating. 


The name Kishangarh Marble is derived from Kishangarh in Rajasthan, India, where this batch is found. Kishangarh marble comes from different stone deposits in these areas, hence, it has different colors and shades. Kishangarh's original marble is from the Armani Bronze region. 

Available And Types Of ARMANI MARBLE 


  • It exists in three colors, white, gray, and black. 

  • The quality of this stone makes it a perfect material for decorative purposes. 

  • Armani’s marble collection is a unique combination of luxury and power. These timeless Italian imports provide a stunning look for every setting as well as superior value for money.

  • Available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, you are guaranteed to find one that suits your design needs perfectly. 

  • This beautiful marble is a good choice for placement in your kitchen or bathroom because it offers a bright and crisp appearance that looks modern and stylish. 

Types of Armani marble 


  • Armani bronze marble 

  • Bronze marble 

  • Armani marble 

  • Bronze marble 

  • Armani brown marble 


Pros and Cons of Italian-Imported Marble 


  • One side of the Italian imported marble is polished but not the other one. 

  • The luster of the Italian imported marble is high and quite soft. 

  • An extensive variety of Italian imported marble is available. 

  • The quality of the Italian imported marble is superior. 

  • The sizes of the Italian imported marble are 18-20 mm. 


Cons - 


  • The cost of the Italian imported marble starts from 350 INR 

  • To install the Italian imported marble, someone needs highly skilled people. 

  • Requires maintenance 

Price of Armani bronze Marble marble is ₹ 150* per square feet

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