Caramel Gold Marble

Caramel Gold Marble

Collection : Giovane
color : Black, Yellow, Orange
About Caramel Gold Marble :

Caramel Gold Marble is a combination of golden and white color. The strength and appearance of Caramel Gold Marble make it perfect for flooring and countertop application. ... It has a very shiny surface with natural color. This Caramel Gold Marble is a natural stone imported mainly from Turkey.

Caramel Gold Marble


 If you are someone who is willing to add the luxurious appearance and WOW factor in the building then the Caramel Gold Marble is the best one to choose for. The veins patterns and creamy layer on the surface of the marble brings a decent experience. 


Appearance -


  • The marble is quarried from the Italy

  • The color of the marble is golden and white color. 

  • This marble creates a legit experience with the utmost shining surface. 

  • This marble holds strength and is highly resistant.

  • The following types of the imported marble available are - floor marble slabs, wall slabs and marble slabs. 

  • The available colors are black, orange, and yellow

Application - 


  • This marble is perfect for flooring and counterrtops of the building

  • Major applciation include - office, restaurant and rooms. 

Pricing information - 


The price of the CARAMEL GOLD MARBLE ranges from the 180 INR per square feet. 

Price of Caramel Gold Marble marble is ₹ 180* per square feet

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