Golden Portoro Marble

Golden Portoro Marble

Collection : Bellezza
color : Golden, Orange
About Golden Portoro Marble :

Golden Portoro Marble is premium quality of Marble, used in bathroom counter top and pillars, elevation and decoration and furniture.This marble is currently out of stock

Golden portoro marble 

Kishangarh is famous for its golden Portoro marble. It is a beautiful collection of marble that has been used in many temples and other places. Portoro marbles are highly valued because they are free from any impurities and can, therefore, be used as polished floors in houses as well as in commercial buildings. 

Appearance and Origin

  • The Golden portoro marble is quarried from China. 

  • This is a type of black marble. 

  • People are aware of this marble with various names like - tulip black marble, china portoro marble, china black gold marble, and china portoro gold marble

  • The golden Portoro marble, with its golden color and charming appearance, is popular for use in bathroom tiles, floors, and counter tops. 



Kishangarh’s marble offers a unique texture and is noted for its high coloration and translucency. These qualities lend themselves to use as a countertop in the kitchen.


Portoro marble - 


The Portoro marble is a special product of one of the few remaining quarries in Pojag County. It is a high-quality marble, highly suitable for decorative as well as industrial and architectural applications. Portoro marble is a kind of marble that originates in Tuscany, Italy. It is an elegant stone with a medium-dark pink color. Portoro marble is characterized by its large flake (square) pattern and excellent cohesive properties. Due to its structure, portoro marble is also known as “Aeolian Marble,” which means wind-blown. 



Golden Portoro marble is a premium, hard-paste travertine marble belonging to the Italian collection that was imported by Kishangarh. 

This marble is durable and well polished.

Its smooth, easy-to-clean surface makes it a perfect choice for kitchen backsplashes, faucets, table tops, and countertops. 

Our Golden Portoro Marble is an elegant, naturally-occurring golden color that was popular in the late 19th century and is seen in some of the world’s most admired residential and commercial buildings.


Price of Golden Portoro Marble marble is ₹ 230* per square feet

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