Marbles Vs Tiles: Which Is The Better Flooring Option For Your Home

You Search For Marbles Vs Tiles: Which Is The Better Flooring Option For Your Home


Floors constitute the base of any home decor. They are of huge value due to an aesthetic point of view. A common dilemma for Indian homeowners is choosing between the evergreen marble and the relatively newer but equally popular vitrified tiles. Read more to find out

Properties :-  Marble is a naturally occurring stone formed from calcite, dolomite or limestone, marble is a dense, porous stone with a high water absorption rate. Featuring fascinating swirls and veined patterns on the surface, this stone has been widely used in architecture as flooring and wall cladding. Whereas Tiles are formed by treating a mixture of clay and other minerals like silica, quartz, and feldspar baked at high temperatures. This forms a glassy substrate giving it its characteristic smooth texture. These tiles have a low water absorption rate and are durable.

Variety & Design :- Marble is a distinctive material having a personality of its own, marble flooring is available as blocks, slabs or tiles. Commonly found in shades of white, black, green, brown, grey and other natural hues, different grades of marbles will absorb water differently. Polished marble is used for glossy finishing and for rustic sand marble is used.

Tiles are man-made and come in a large variety of designs, colors, prints, and textures. It can be designed to simulate natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and even marble. Suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Installation & Maintenance :- Installation of marble is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Apart from the time required to lay marble flooring, the time for polishing and finishing also adds to the overall installation time. Marble is a naturally occurring substance and tends to react with surrounding, so extra care is required.

Tiles installation, on the other hand, aren’t time-consuming labor-intensive.

But Hey! When you are looking for aesthetics that impart an original touch to your house then marble is leaps and bounds ahead of tile.

Durability :-  Considered strongest among other flooring marble can stay intact for around 25 years, but due to years of usage it may develop some cracks or yellow tinge due to oxidation.

Tiles are prone to damage due to mishandling. They can stay intact for around 8-13 years. But they lack the strength of marble.

Cost :– Marble is a naturally occurring substance and its amazing features make it costly. But you won’t regret spending an extra buck on marble if you are looking for something extraordinary for your house.

Tiles being man-made is cheaper than tiles. But still, they lag behind the marble.

Aesthetic Value :- When aesthetic value comes into play marble is head and shoulder above the tile. Marble flooring is considered as prestige, a symbol of luxury and opulence. The dazzle and authenticity of marble adds to the aesthetic appeal.

Tiles, on the other hand, being more cost-effective act as a second fiddle to marbles. They lack that plush, royal, extravagant feature when compared to marble.

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African Brown Marble

African Brown Marble is imported marble of brown color from the marble quarry of turkey. There is a presence of deep brown veins with dark brown background. This type of marble is good for durability & water resistance. African Brown Marble can be used for construction and design projects. It is...
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Black Gold Marble

We Stone hub India are the prime provider of this sort of marble . It is fundamentally a Golden Portoro Marble with waterfall like surface on it. These items are generally refreshing for its smoothness and fine surface. Brilliant Portoro Marble is premium nature of Marble, utilized as a part of rest...
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Breccia Aurora Marble

Breccia Aurora is a breccia beige with orange veins marble quarried in Italy. This stone is especially good for Exterior - Interior wall and Floors, Countertops, Shower Walls, Shower Floors, Pools, mosaic, fountains and other design projects.
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Bvlgari Grey Marble

Bvlgari Grey Marble tells your success story to your visitors. Its shiny grey color gives extra ordinary looks and it captivates the eye of the person looking at it. This marble is especially good for Exterior - Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capp...
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Bullberry Grey Marble

Bullberry Grey Marble is a Turkish marble with beautifully eccentric variegation in it. Bullberry Grey is a kind of beige marble quarried in Turkey. This kind of marble is beige in color with white patches and veins present all over it. It is widely used for large commercial spaces as well as reside...
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Golden Spider Marble

Golden Spider is a white base with golden yellow streaks.It is presnt in hones,polished sawn cut,rockfaced & tumbled.It can be used in exterior-interior walls, applications,countertops,fountains and other design projects.Also known as drama gold & Platanotopas marble.
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Grey Emperador Marble

Stone hub India is the best Imported marble supplier that provides the Grey Emperador Marble in Kishangarh, India. Grey Emperador Marble is a kind of grey marble quarried in Turkey. This stone is especially good for Building stone, sinks, monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, interior, ex...
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Grigio Imperiale Marble

Grigio Imperiale Marble is a kind of grey marble with orange abstract stray patch & red veins.It is commonly used for floor applications, counter tops, fountains,pools,etc.This marble is basically for home improvement & interior decoration, flooring, kitchen, etc
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Grigio Ispanol Marble

Stone hub India is the best Imported marble supplier that provides the Grigio Ispanol Marble in India. The Marble is a kind of grey marble quarried in Turkey. This stone is especially good for Building stone, sinks, monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor, pa...
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Olive Avantgaurde Marble

Olive Avantgaurde is a fine marble with black background and white veins all around it.This type of classy marble has a very royal look, and it can give any kind of boring space the look of extreme royalties.It can be used in any space where you want to embrace pure luxury.
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Perlato Sicilia Marble

Perlato Sicilia is an Italian Marble. Sicilian Perlato, also called Perlato di Sicilia, is an exceptionally rich assortment of Italian marble. The marble is beige tinted marble with straight and crossed vein design.This is a champion among the most surely understood and shabby Italian marble open in...
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Sarancollin Marble

Stone Hub India is a Supplier, Dealer, and Manufacturer of Sarancollin Marble in Kishangarh, India. This marble is best for Countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior - interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills, and other design projects
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Silver Travertine Marble

Stonehubindia: Silver Travertine Marble once in a while known as Travertine Limestone or Travertine Marble, the stone is portrayed by set gaps and troughs in its surface. Travertine is one of the few regular stones that are utilized for clearing yards and garden ways. This silver shaded general ston...
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Titanium Travertine

Titanium travertine is a sophisticated blend of cool grays and warm neutral tones in dark brown & coffee.A charming black, brown and grey addition to the contemporary home, Titanium Travertine builds upon the stylish contemporary home.
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