Flooring Trends to expect in 2022

Flooring Trends to expect in 2022

Posted Date : 2021-11-18 13:44:26

When it comes to flooring, marble is the foremost choice of most people. Why? Because it is more durable, easy to maintain than tiles and wooden floors. And for people who seek perfection and elegance, choosing the right marble is a tightrope to walk on. But once you know what designs you want and what type of pattern you want then you could be more specific about just details and it becomes easier. So, for your ease, I have brought you some designs and patterns of flooring that are unique and could be expected in the approaching year.

Trending Designs For flooring

White and Black Marble Flooring

Something that never goes out of trend or you never get bored of, is white and black marble flooring. From centuries till today and in coming years craze of black and white marble will remain same. The luxury and grace it provides to your place is perfect because it looks subtle at the same time graceful. For your home, you can use White marble like Golden spider marble, Marmara White marble and for black, you can go for Black Marquina Italian Marble, black gold marble, or Black River marble.

Grey Marble Flooring with veins

Grey marble is with light and dark veins is best suited for indoor floors. Grey marble provides a classic look to the room, there is various grey marble that is perfect for your place. I suggest you some that are Armani grey marble, Grey Emperador marble, Astrus Grey, botega grey, bossy grey all these are classical pieces of marble that will make it more graceful and elegant.

Checkered Floor

Checkered floor is always preferred by people, black and white or black and beige is quite famous all over the world. It is easy to install and fits the budget easily. So, you can always go for this flooring and add grace to your place.

Mix and Match

Choose from different colors and mix them to make different patterns and designs that are attractive. You can mix different shades to create a shiny geometric pattern or make a feast for the visual senses. The baroque style furniture and opulent decoration can really bring out the charm of old-world days.

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