Marmara White Marble

Marmara White Marble

Collection : Spazio
color : White
About Marmara White Marble :

Marmara White marble from Turkey is a cleaned marble highlighting particular straight veins of grays and whites. This wonderful common stone is the ideal decision to make dazzling marble ledges, chimney dividers, marble tile floors, and different highlights where long, direct lines or fresh white tile is wanted. The two chunks, divider tiles, and mosaics are accessible to make an organized look all through the undertaking. Marmara White Marble from Turkey is a cleaned marble including specific direct veins of grays and whites this magnificent regular stone is the perfect choice to make astonishing marble edges, fireplace dividers, back sprinkles in both private and business properties.

Marmara White Marble - 


Marmara white marble has various names like - striped marble, marmara island marble, turkish bath marble, marmara panda and zebra. Along with Grigio Imperiale and Ice Stone, this is another well-known marble. Masjid-i-Aqsa, palaces of the Ottoman Empire, Ephesus, and other civilizations are also in the Byzantine building. These are some of the most famous ancient monuments and buildings made of Marmara white marble. The best advantage of using this marble is that it keeps the environment cool. So, if you live in a warmer climate, this Marmara white marble is the best option for you. 

Appearance -


  • The reason why its name is Marmara is because it is quarried from the Marmara island of Turkey. 

  • In the top best-quality imported marble, marmara white marble also enlisted in the list of those marble collections. 

  • Thing that makes this marble different from others is the stripes on the surface. 

  • The texture quality and appearance of the imported marble is smooth, decent and eye pleasing. 

  • The other best reason why people still prefer this marble over others is because of the nature of its adaptability. The structure and design of the marble is capable of adapting the temperature, pressure and other climatic conditions. 

  • This marble has another feature and that is - it reflects light that assists to keep the environment cool. 

Application - 


  • This marble makes the interior of the place shine and bright. Due to this reason - this marble is best to use for the interior and exterior decorations. 

  • Floorings, pavements and kitchen countertops are the best suitable places where you can place it. 

  • In Turkey, people usually prefer this marble for their bathroom decorations. 

Pricing information - 


The price of the Marmara white marble is 200 INR per square foot available in the market.

Price of Marmara White Marble marble is ₹ 170* per square feet

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