Best of Italian marbles for flooring

Best of Italian marbles for flooring

Posted Date : 2021-02-23 15:52:03

If you want to give a special touch or reinforce your new home or existing space, the first thing to focus is on the floor of the house. Every place you walk on changes the inner appearance, whether it is lifting your interior up or down. And it is well known that choosing Italian marble tiles for flooring is the right choice.

Since time immemorial, the greatest architects and interior designers have known the class that Italian marble itself holds. With high gloss and crystal-like appearance, Italian marble can add a dreamy touch to your home and is more delicate and punchy than its Indian counterparts. They come from different regions of Italy, come to India or block both. Similarly, at Stonehub India, each collection is sourced from the most effective and most significant mines worldwide and committed to the world specification of pre-cut and pre-polished by the best Italian craftsmen.

To explore options in Italian marble slabs for flooring, keep reading.


The Statuario Marble is completely eye-catching and one of the all-time classic marbles with solid durability and robustness. It is a special stone with distinct brown shining and an attractive, bold pattern.

Statuario is in high demand worldwide due to its reputation and popularity. The low availability of authentic statureomec makes it more of a rare finding. This is why it is important to find the best Italian marble manufacturers and suppliers, who actually provide the best white marble.

Stonehub India, Kishangarh probably the most extensive range of some of the finest white marble in the world. And Statuario is definitely one of them. We never compromise on the quality of the natural stones we import, and it is filled with countless hours of craftsmanship in Italy.


Botticino marble is a premium quality significant Italian marble. Like other notable marble, this unique stone provides a distinctive appearance and brings characteristics that make it an option for many architects and interior designers.

If you place them right, then they create lovely patterns as they beautify any area with their beige, oyster and golden colors. There are many Italian marble companies in India, but our curators at Stonehub India are among the best mines in the world, you can find not only the most luxurious but also 100% natural slabs for flooring.


Carrara stones are one of the most renowned stones in the World. This marble has been engraved over the centuries due to its elegant white-gray background and soft gray veins, and is the perfect black stone for any traditional or contemporary flooring design.

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