Why you should go for marble wash basin compared to ceramic basin

Why you should go for marble wash basin compared to ceramic basin

Posted Date : 2021-04-17 17:20:22

Getting a marble washbasin can bring out the flawless and fashionable style of the bathroom. You can gather the attention of your guests and determine tilted elements that will make your space feel and seem more permanent.

In fact, the marble wash basin display glamour and grandeur that can be carried from the traditional ceramic wash basin to generous marble. Either way, you can watch out for one that is best for your charisma and style.

Before you choose an graceful washbasin that best fits the interiors of your home, make sure you look outside for different contrast and eye catching patterns that are classic and lavish.

Below we have put together three things that need to be considered when choosing a marble wash basin instead of a ceramic one:

Rich & Grandeur Look

The most common reason that people choose Marble wash basins over ceramics is because it has a rich, lavish and magnificent appeal. The marble wash basin only complements the beauty and gorgeousness of luxury homes and apartments.

Ceramic wash basins do not have attractive and abstract shapes, however, marble wash basins have incredible shapes, carvings, styles and captivating patterns with natural shapes.

They are perfect for homes or offices with natural stone floors or wall paneling. In addition, they can commute the appeal of any room where they are placed.

Long-Lasting Attractiveness

Nevertheless, of where you want to place your marble wash basin, it enhances the beauty and charm of your home.

Marble wash basins are resistant, long lasting and adaptable compared to those ceramic ones. In addition, they are easy to clean, strong and luxurious, making them a lasting beauty.

However, marble wash basins will require periodic maintenance as compared to ceramic washes.

Designs & Patterns

Made mostly of Indian or Italian marble, marble wash basins surpass other wash basins with their lustrous polish and exemplary shape, making it an exquisite and luxurious home décor item.

The ceramic wash basin does not have many styling patterns and a rich look, which makes it softer than a marble sink.

Marble wash basins are elegant, graceful and glamorous that can make any place feel warm and look better than ceramic ones.

Onyx marble wash basin, on the other hand, is today one of the most fascinating wash basins in the world. Furthermore, due to their luminous nature and bright tone, they often feature light and color depth and savory depth.

In addition, white onyx marble wash basins are slightly more expensive and rare than those with yellow or pink colors.


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