Tips for Choosing Right Marble for your Interiors

Tips for Choosing Right Marble for your Interiors

Posted Date : 2022-02-16 15:17:03

If you are looking for marble slabs of different styles that have a knack to transform your place completely. You need to choose different marble stones for your living areas, Rooms, bathrooms, Kitchen, and countertops. We understand this, that is why Stonehub India has a different collection of marble from which you can explore different shapes, designs, and colors for every corner.

Another reason for transforming your home with marble is- it is durable, resistant to scratch, and stain-proof. The finish of marble is timeless, long lasting and most importantly it is never out of trend. So today in this article we are discussing tips for choosing the right marble for your interiors.

Some tips for choosing marble for Interiors

Consider its originality:

The foremost thing to consider before choosing marble is its originality, especially in the case of Italian and other Imported marble. While shopping for marble make sure you are buying from a verified and trusted dealer. Stonehub is the best seller of imported marble imported from countries like Italy, Turkey, Spain, and other countries.

Look at the variety of Marble Available:

Before purchasing marble, make sure you plan different colors, designs according to the furniture and theme of your house. There are numerous marble slabs having different designs and colors are available in the market and you must plan a different marble slab according to the room. As for the living area, you can plan a slightly light & vibrant color it makes your place look more wide and spacious.

For this, you can go for marble stones like

Golden Spider Marble-  this marble is a white-based marble featuring golden veins all over the surface. It gives a very luxurious and elegant look after its correct usage in the living area.

Blue Lagoon Marble- this is luxurious Turkish grey marble having a pattern of light brown to white color all over it. This marble is suitable for flooring, wall capping, fountains, stairs, and other designing projects.

Consider its physical Features:

One should pay extra attention to physical features that it stains free, not containing any cracks, make sure it is clean and free of any imperfections. Also, keep an eye for artificial colors as it starts to fade after installation. Also, ensure that you are selecting marble that has the same dimensions and width pattern and everything that is to be installed in one place is having the same features.

At Stonehub India you will not only find perfect and best quality marble but also you will be guided by our experts on what suits your home the best according to the theme and design.

Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops for your kitchen

Marble countertops in recent times gain popularity as it looks so stylish and elegant.  There are many marble slabs that are suitable for kitchen countertops. As these marble slabs are long lasti9 ng, secure against damage like stains, scratches.

Use marble-like

Versace grey marbleThis marble features an extraordinary greyish marble featuring a splash of colors from light blue to golden, It depicts a beautiful candid pattern that looks so graceful when placed as countertops in the kitchen.

Caramel Gold Marble- This marble features a combination of golden and white colors. This countertop certainly looks beautiful if your kitchen is based on the light theme or extremely dark, like you can either contrast it or match it. In both cases, it looks extravagantly beautiful.

Don’t exceed your Budget

If you are thinking to renovate or transform your home’s interior then you should plan your budget first. You must select a range of marble in the same range. There are affordable elegant marble slabs available at Stonehub India that would be perfect for different designing purposes.

There are some luxurious marble stones that are affordable to install at your home like

African Brown Marble: 210 per square feet

Armani Bronze marble: 150 per square feet

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