7 Things To Keep In Mind When You Choose Marbles For Your Construction

7 Things To Keep In Mind When You Choose Marbles For Your Construction

Posted Date : 2020-02-17 13:39:13


Marble is the ultimate choice for any interior or construction. Whether residential or commercial marble adds lavishness to the look and design of the building. With the diverse variety of marble available, the choice of marble varies, depending upon the kind of applications In this article, we will analyze the 7 things to keep in mind before opting for marbles for our constructions. This article will give you an insight into the general aspects of marbles to be considered before choosing it for buildings or any constructions.

Points to consider while choosing marbles for constructions

  • Marble flooring can be categorized mainly into three categories.

    Though marble flooring tiles come in a different pattern there are three main marble categories namely Carrara, calacatta, and breccia. These all marbles have different looks with contrasting colors running throughout the structure known as veins. These veins could be heavy, pronounced or light in appearance and one of the main factors to categorize the marbles.

  • Marble flooring is not all about shine

    Most of the marble floorings have a high gloss appearance which is achieved by grinding the surface with high polished machines. These polishing processes bring out the veining properly in marbles and provide the radiant looks.

    The second type of marble look is the honed marbles which are comparatively lightly polished with a flat smooth surface which is comparatively not that much shining. These marbles are matte finish in appearance. Therefore marble is not all about shine, as some of the marbles are honed also.

  • Smaller marble tiles are more appropriate for home installations

    Marble flooring has tiles of different sizes and shapes. For residential purposes, marble tiles are not more than 2 inches in length. Home flooring is more of about small size while large tiles are more used for commercial purposes.

  • The shine on polished marble is because of its slippery

    Sometimes the shine which looks so lustrous on marble is basically due to slippery elements present on the marble. To reduce the slip factor of marble it is advisable to consider using rugs and other options. Non-slippery products are designed in a manner to reduce any extra shine on the floor. Here things to be noted is the fact that shine present on the marble is not very much essential because of polish but there is a possibility that it is due to some of the slippery projects on the marbles.

  • Marble floorings could be budgeted if planned properly

    Generally, marble is on the higher side if compared to tiles. There are many budget-friendly marbles available in the market which makes it an amazing choice for even residential budgeted homes also. Therefore the choice of marble should be based on your budget rather than any other aspect.

  • Marble setting should always be done with the help of professionals

    It is advisable that when it comes to marble setting professionals should only be considered. Professional installation is the only option for a marble setting. It is imperative that marble related work should only be done by the professionals. The main reason is the fact that you are investing a hefty amount in marble and if you make mistakes in installation, cut on marbles will be of no use and you will lose a lot of money for your mistake.

  • Marble requires proper care to enhance durability

    Yes though the marble flooring provides extreme durability to your constructions same can be enhanced much with the proper care. To enhance the life of marble it is advisable to maintain the marble with the right kind of products and treatment.


To conclude, Marbles not only provides an opulent look to your home decor but also one of the stones which provide strength to your structure. Therefore always choose the right marble and opt for the right technicalities to make the marble the best option for your constructions.

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