Marble For a Luxury Resort

Marble For a Luxury Resort

Posted Date : 2021-09-28 16:41:21

Marble is always considered as a symbol of elegance, so that is the reason it is still being used in hotels as well as in luxury resorts all over the world because it gives aesthetic look along with quality. There are several benefits associated with imported marbles such as – durability, positive change along with the atmosphere and its versatility to be used for other purposes than just flooring.

So architects and interior designers will also recommend using marble for an aesthetic look and for several other benefits associated with it.


India mainly imports marbles from Italy. Nowadays Italian marble is also in trend in India because of its wide variety of colors and textures. Basically, when it comes to décor and designing the interior of a luxury resort, marble plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of the resort by giving it an aesthetic look and it is also being loved by people.

So now let’s discuss some tips to plan marble in resorts –

  1. Consider its origin – Marble is one of the popular things in India, so the chances of getting fooled by the seller are also on a higher side. For instance – A seller might try to fool you by selling white stone of any other country by giving it a name of Italian marble which is extracted from Italy’s Carrara Mountain. More than half of the world’s marble comes from – Spain, China, Italy, and India and there are some domestic sellers too beware of those. For this, I will recommend purchasing authentic and best premium quality marble from Stone Hub India, Kishangarh.
  2. Elegance – As the imported marble has a high glossy look, therefore Italian marble can be used as home décor – walls, tabletops, etc. As we know it is high in luster which gives it the most noticeable difference as compared to other sorts of marbles as it is known for having a very high radiance and texture all around. For the décor purpose, I will recommend Golden Portoro Marble and Metal Rust Marble will be a good choice because of its premium look and Stone Hub India is also the best supplier of Metal Rust Marble and believe me it looks quite remarkable.
  3. Quality - The major reason why Italian marble is considered to be superior comes simply from the rich stone working heritage of Italy. Location plays an important role in marble. For example – Marble which is made in an area where limestone has a lot of impurities it comes out to be a little weak and brittle.
  4. Durability – Italian marble is not as hard as compared to Indian marble as it comes with a thickness of 18 – 20 mm but still, it’s not that soft too. Since Italian marble is soft in nature, it is prone to scratches. Therefore it is highly recommended not to drag heavy objects on the Italian marble floor. Basically, this marble is available in a maximum number of colors and patterns. It is sold only in large-sized slabs. Small and cheaper cut pieces are not sold in India. Its biggest advantage is the availability of a single large uniform color lot of slabs that can cover an entire resort.
  5. Price – As it is quite clear and obvious that imported marbles such as Italian Marble are much costlier than Indian marble because of heavy taxes and import duties. But still keeping its price aside from the look and feel which Italian marble will go to give, it compensates all the other parameters. Along with that if someone is owning a luxury resort. Italian marble glows like crystal and it is one of the finest stones that money can buy.