Different Areas Where You Can Apply Marble

You Search For Different Areas Where You Can Apply Marble


The classic beauty and refined shine of marble has ensured that this tiling option is associated with stylish and contemporary homes. The choice of installing marble floor tiles or marble wall tiles are excellent ways to add elegance to your home.

Below, we look at the different areas where you can apply marble. Although it is a highly versatile tile, you will find that some areas are more suited to marble surfaces than others. Read to know where you can install marble floor tiles in your home.



tiles are the primary choice to enhance the kitchen. This is because it provides a high-end, vibrant look for the food and cooking areas.

That shiny and smooth feel of marble can transform the floor of your kitchen and add some remarkable elegance. Some designers even use marble tiles on other areas of the kitchen such as countertops and not just floors. However, like any other floor tile marble can significantly lighten the space of your kitchen.

Front Entrance


The use of marble floor tiles is not limited to indoor applications only, as you can install it outside as well. As first impression has proved to be important in all areas, you can use marble flooring to give your home a first impression for visitors.

Give your foyer a much-needed revamp and add some glitter to the marble floor. Marble makes a great choice for your entrance as it is not only fashionable, but also highly durable. Cleaning marble is also very easy.

Whether you have a small foyer or a huge entryway, choosing the right marble tile design will add the much needed charm to transform the entrance to your home.



In the bathroom, the marble wall bar can act as a shower, while the marble floor tiles cover the entire room. Marble is an important choice for many bathroom fittings, the primary reason being its remarkable longevity.

After installing it professionally and then sealing, marble floor tiles can last a lifetime, provided you maintain it properly. Furthermore, you cannot ignore the significant transformational benefits that marble floor tiles add to regular locations. Marble floor tiles will instantly change your bathroom for its natural charm.



Another notable area where you can use marble floor tiles is in your hallway. After adding marble flooring to this area, you will quickly convert them from the rooms of the general design plan of your home to the areas between rooms.

A light marble floor will make your hallway look more spacious and bright. In addition, marble surfaces are generally easier to clean and maintain.