Some Tips for Budgeting a Kitchen Remodel

You Search For Some Tips for Budgeting a Kitchen Remodel


The kitchen is a vital part of the home. It’s not only where we cook and eat, but it’s also often where we entertain and hang out. Because it’s expected to perform so many jobs—and house the various tools needed to perform these jobs, a kitchen renovation is a huge project, often with a hefty budget.

In fact, a full-blown remodel can be very expensive. Remodeling magazine reported earlier this year that, on average nationwide, an upscale remodel costs about 2-5 lacs. A mid-range remodel can be expected to cost about 1 lac.

It’s really no surprise when you consider all of the things involved in a remodel, including new appliances, cabinets, countertops, and lighting. Not to mention any labor costs for building or removing walls, moving to plumb, adding or subtracting windows, and more. Kitchen designers say that installation and appliances are typically where the bulk of the cost comes from. Labor required for what’s needed behind the scenes, such as plumbing, electrical, heating, etc, also raises the bottom line.

Whatever your motivation might be for updating your kitchen (style upgrade, increase home value, etc.) here are some of our top budgeting tips when you’re planning a kitchen remodel.

  • Cost vs. Value :- There is a difference. Of course, your project will have a dollars and cents cost associated with it. And naturally, this cost needs to be “affordable” to you. But keep in mind the big picture. An updated kitchen will bring value to your home—and not just resale value. Think more of the things you can’t label with a price tag like a peace of mind, convenience, ease of use, longevity, quality, style, beauty, and function. Remember that a project’s ROI can’t always be measured strictly in monetary terms.
  • Return on Investment :- That being said, the kitchen is one of the spaces in a home that can offer the most return on investment in terms of hard dollars. The National Association of Realtors lists kitchen and bathroom renovations as leading interior renovations in terms of appeal to buyers. This is especially true when it comes to mid-range home values.
  • Understand What You’re Paying For :– It’s important to understand how your project is being priced. Most projects can generally be broken down into four categories: materials, labor, installation, and profit. Understanding how these all fit together to formulate your final price is vital. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. At Marble & Granite, we’ll do our best to make sure there are no surprises. We’ll take the time to explain our pricing structure and explain every step along the way. You can even get an idea of what you’ll pay for materials since we list prices for all of our inventory online. You can even request a quote online.
  • Pad the Budget Just in Case :- Most kitchen designers will do all they can to help their clients stay in budget, but the truth is that stuff happens. They generally suggest that homeowners add 10-percent to their budget to allow for any “what-if” scenarios including inaccurate measurements, material mix-ups, delays, appliances that don’t fit properly, etc.
  • Be wary of “too-good-to-be-true deals” :- Of course, you want to pay the best price when you make any purchase and shopping around is important. But bear in mind that the cheapest price isn’t always the best choice and there is no substitute for quality.

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