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Marble is widely used for designing home interiors and also other commercial spaces. It is used for creating stylish and elegant interiors with perfectly shaped and finished stones. Marble is available in a wide range of colors but the popularity of its white and black color is evergreen. These two colors are never out-of-date.

White Marble is a symbol of purity and neatness to a space, particularly when not combined with any other type of marble. White marble provides a glossy and shiny look and rich texture stones add elegance to your home.

Whereas black marble stones are desirable due to their stunning, and sleek appearance. With variations in their veining of white, grey, and gold each marble is adorned with distinct patterns.

Stonehub India has a collection of trending black and white Italian marble stones that will compliment your lifestyle, which are:

White Marble

  • Golden Spider Marble:

    It is white background-based sleek marbles having golden yellowish streaks all over it. This marble is used on interior exterior walls, countertops, fountains, and in other lavish design projects.

  • Marmara White Marble:

    It is a clean Turkish marble highlighting straight lines of grey and white color. This marble is ideal for making astounding marble edges, fireplace dividers, and back sprinkles in both commercial and residential places.


Black Marble

  • Black Marquina Italian Marble:

    This marble is highly intense black marble, with a random pattern of white veins throughout its surface. It gives a more appalling look when polished and you can find this marble in kitchen countertops, staircases, and bathrooms.

  • Black Gold Marble:

    Black marble stands out for being luxurious and resistant natural stone, which makes it ideal for outdoor flooring. Its golden yellowish veins throughout the surface make it more appalling and graceful.

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