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Marble is something that is being adored for ages and till today it is being appreciated for its timeless beauty. From expensive hotels, guest houses, malls, hospitals to normal homes, it is appreciated everywhere. The idea behind using marble it gives a lush look, it is easy to clean, easier to maintain, and there are endless designs-marbles for flooring.

With this tremendous availability of different marble stones comes the confusion about how to adorn their homes with marble flooring. To help you out of this confusion we are going to discuss some amazing flooring designs for halls:


Marble For Flooring In Halls

Marble Flooring Designs are as follows:

Classic White Marble with brown Boundary

This is the perfect design for living room flooring. It creates a subtle yet plush vibe with black or brown borders and white or grey marble on the floor. When you are going to choose this marble flooring design then ensure that your furniture must be in contrast.

For making such a pattern you can choose black river marble, black Marquina marble, grey flurry marble and some white aesthetics from our collection.

A Separate Design for Dining Area

In this open concept of houses, you can choose a design separately for your dining area. The versatile marble floor design is easy to go with both conventional and modern dining sets.

Rich Embellishments

Marble for dining table

Marble stones like Golden Spider, Caramel Gold Marble, when used aesthetically with some other marble works as an enchanting focal point in the entryway.

Also, these designs look more attractive in the lobbies having a lot of furniture sets- like dining tables, sofas, chairs, and other similar things.

Symmetry in Style

Symmetrical Designs provides a look of sophistication, also it has a captivating feel that draws everyone’s attention at least once. For creating this look you can go for marble stones like Ice stone marble- it is grey in color featuring a random pattern of slight white veins all over it, contrasting with some deep black marble-like Black gold marble.

Glossy Effect

Glossy look never gets out of trend it doesn’t matter in which year you are living. This classic look can add elegance to any room whether it is your master bedroom or your living area.

In our collection, we have some Imported marble that are perfect for creating this look that are Grigio Ispanol Marble, Nero Sensation Marble, and Olive Avantgaurde Marble.

Dynamic Effects with Stripes

Flooring Ideas for hall


Conventionally, marble with stripes are used around the tub and on the outer part of homes. As these patterns have gained popularity in recent times, people have started using marble stones like Marmara White Marble in their living rooms. It looks subtle and graceful, so you can also choose these marble for halls and dining areas.

Distressed Look

Some things and designs are appreciated for their timelessness, checkered Patterns using white & black marble delivers understated grace to the place. You can use different black and white marble from our collection and can provide a sophisticated look to your place.

To explore more designs and marble stones to choose from you can click here.

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