Italian Marble Supplier In Kishangarh

Italian Marble Supplier In Kishangarh


From times Italian Marble has gained immense popularity all over the world for its aesthetic design and looks. These marbles are lustrous in texture and provide visual appeal to the area. With a high demand for these marbles especially for in offices, multinational companies, schools, hotels, and other industries, many marble manufacturers have started importing Italian marbles and distributing the same in India and another part. But there are very few marble distributors who provide the best Italian marble in terms of quality. Italian marble Kishangarh has gained immense popularity for its quality and texture.

Italian Marble Kishangarh

When it comes to Italian marble Carrara of Italy is the most widely acknowledge marble which is extracted from the Apuan Alps of North Italy. The most popular variety of these marbles are white cascara marbles. calacatta and Bardiglio marbles are also extracted from these areas which makes it pretty significant for the volume of marble extracted. Italian Marbles Price Starting From 150 Rs. Per Sq. Feet up to 300 Rs. And above in Kishangarh, India.

Marble has gained so much popularity in interior decoration due to following reasons-

  • Marbles have a long life with a wide range of shapes, colors, and creativity. There high durability with a range of color and shapes make it a good choice for interiors.
  • Marbles provide a nice look to the floor with no or very little visible, which gives a smooth look to the floor as well as interiors and exteriors.
  • Italian marbles have gained immense popularity not only due to its design and textures but also for its fine processing and manufacturing technology.
  • Marble can only be transformed by polishing. These are done by some high-quality specific machines to make the surface smooth in textured.
  • The polishing technology has brought extreme precision instead of earlier handicraft works. The industrialization of the processing process has made them more lustrous in look. these new looks marbles are the first choice of any interior decorator for any construction work.
  • These marbles have opened new experimental opportunities for interior designers to explore more and more designs.


In recent times, Italian marble is made in every part of the world by some of the quality distributors. Stone Hub India provides quality marble to its client, exclusively imported from Italy. These marbles are high in quality and lustrous in design. the company is very much peculiar to provide the best quality marbles to its clients . for further detail visit our website or contact us today.

Black Marquina Marble

Stonehubindia: There is an immense request of Black Marquina Marble in Indian and International Market.It is fine and smaller grain, dark, with white veins, which can in the long run be exceptionally bottomless. It has picked up acknowledgment worldwide because of its delightful, bona fide dark shad...
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Breccia Aurora Marble

Breccia Aurora is a breccia beige with orange veins marble quarried in Italy. This stone is especially good for Exterior - Interior wall and Floors, Countertops, Shower Walls, Shower Floors, Pools, mosaic, fountains and other design projects. Breccia Aurora Marble   Here are a few more...
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Dyna Marble

Stonehubindia:- Dyna Marble is mainstream for its cleaned complete and sturdiness. Dyna Marble comes with striking colours and an assurance of durability. We at Stone Hub India offer an extensive variety of very effective and stunning Italian Dyna Marble. For the most part endorsed in Interior divid...
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Emperador Dark Marble

Stonehubindia:- Emperador Dark is a charming marble from Spain highlighting a scope of dim, rich tans and grays. This marble is suggested for both private and business property establishments. Design lovely marble ledges, marble tile floors, emphasize dividers, and different highlights with sections...
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Light Emperador Marble

PRICE: Rs. 180 per sq meter MEASUREMENT: Thickness 16-18mm COLOURS: Combination of beige, cream and brown. Light Emperador Marble is a sort of light-colored marble quarried in Turkey. This stone is particularly useful for Exterior - Interior divider and floor applications, le...
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Beige Travertine

Beige Travertine is a natural stone that originates in groundwater and streams just below the earth's surface. Each piece of travertine as its own natural texture and pattern, bringing a unique look to your surface. Beige Travertine    Beige Travertine is another best qua...
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Golden Portoro Marble

Golden Portoro Marble is premium quality of Marble, used in bathroom counter top and pillars, elevation and decoration and furniture.This marble is currently out of stock Golden portoro marble  Kishangarh is famous for its golden Portoro marble. It is a beautiful collection of marble that...
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