Transform your space with Trendy Marbles!

Transform your space with Trendy Marbles!

Posted Date : 2021-11-25 18:17:52

Transform your space with Trendy Marbles?

A commercial building or a residential one, you have to agree on the fact that marble is the topmost choice of people for flooring. Marble flooring brings a unique outlook with a touch of sophistication.

At Stone Hub India you will explore a collection that will elevate your space to a luxurious and graceful one. Here, I am going to share with you some exceptionally beautiful Imported marble pieces, Keep Reading!

Know What You Need

The foremost step is to know what exactly you want, what are your needs. You need to ensure that you’re completely aware of your needs of placing the marbles along with the floor space required. This will enable you to purchase the right type, style, and size of a marble.

List of Trending Marble Stones

Following is the list of trending marble stone that elevates your space to the next level:

Caramel Gold Marble

Caramel Gold Marble is an Imported marble from Turkey that has a combination of white and golden textured marble. Its strength and durability make it perfect for flooring. A Shiny surface and appealing natural color make it unique and attractable.


Titanium Travertine

The structure of this marble is uniform with a soft texture and a low hardness. It has a beautiful layered pattern consisting of natural brown, grey, and cream tones. It looks so beautiful once applied, giving a graceful look to all over place.


Yellow Travertine

 Thw Surface of Yellow Travertine is beautifully in color gold with its veining and speckles throughout the slab. This stone has an elegant appearance so can be placed anywhere in your home.

Emperador Dark Marble

The dark Emperador marble is a deep dark brown colored marble that also has some white and dark-colored veins. It is the most popular brown color marble in the market, its brown color is ruling the market for centuries.


Bvlgari Grey Marble

Bvlgari Grey Marble is a perfect combination of grey and beige and is characterized by the dark freckles interwoven with wisps of white.

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