Top 7 best white or gray italian marbles for your interior and exterior

Top 7 best white or gray italian marbles for your interior and exterior

Posted Date : 2023-03-24 13:05:32

If you are looking for imported white marble from the best Italian marble company in India, then Kishangarh is the best place to stop your search. 

Today we are sharing about the best white Italian marble in kishangarh  that you can choose for your new building or business interior decorations. Italian marble in India is known for its aesthetic beauty and the magnificent appearance of the building. This imported marble is an underrated product that you shouldn’t ignore. 

Here are some of the best-imported marbles that you can use in your new building.


  • Marmara white marble -

The color of this marble is white and has been quarried on the Marmara island of Turkey. Some of its best features are bold, dramatic veins, durability, and strength, and it is widely used in flooring, pavement, and kitchen countertops. Also, refer to the name "versatile marble," which can be used for multiple purposes.

  • Alaska Grey Marble -

As the name suggests, this Italian marble in Kishangarh has a medium and dark gray color with a fine-grained appearance. This is also a versatile marble like Marmara and has attributes of durability, ease of maintenance, and an aesthetic look that appeals to viewers.

  • Grey and white breccia marble -

This Italian marble in Kishangarh is quarried in Italy, and both patterns of colors, like grey and white, are there to be used. Grey-white Breccia marble perfectly suits the interior and exterior decorations of the building. It lasts longer without any need for maintenance and has incredible strength.

  • Grey Orobico marble -

The other name for Grey Orobico marble is Arabescato Orobico Gregia marble, and this marble is perfect for indoor and outdoor buildings. Possess traits like durability, ease of maintenance, and classiness.

  • Roman Silk Marble -

Roman silk is an effective choice for Italian marble in Kishangarh to create a luxurious and royal experience. The best advantage of Roman silk marble is that it has water-resistant features, is durable, and requires little maintenance.

  • Sonata Grey Marble -

On the market, you can find a wide range of gray and white color patterns that will create the epitome of an elegant experience. This imported marble is quarried in Italy and is suitable for interior and exterior areas of buildings.

  • Ice, stone, and marble -

Another white imported marble, and if you are someone who wants to choose the color that brings stability to their mind, then this color is the perfect choice for you. Ice stone marble has various names and can be used in monuments, mosaics, and countertops in buildings.

Significance of the white color -

There are multiple reasons to choose the white color, and some of them are

  • It displays purity, safety, simplicity, and cleanliness.
  • This is a bright color and adds space.
  • The majority of people are unaware of the fact that white light emerges from red, blue, and green light.


White is the best color option for the interior and exterior parts of a building. This color adds peace and tranquility to the mind, which is why several aesthetic monuments and places to visit prefer to be painted white in order to spread peace of mind.

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