Top imported marbles in Kishangarh that will combat Summer

Top imported marbles in Kishangarh that will combat Summer

Posted Date : 2023-03-14 17:35:40

During the dog days of summer, it has been seen that it becomes backbreaking to face the sun. From the terrace of the building to the park everywhere, the slap of heat waves does not allow you to stand barefoot. In these summer days, if you are planning to install imported marble, then it would be a great choice. But what will be the best collection of imported marble that will combat summer, and which one should you choose to keep the place cooler? If these questions are bothering you, now is the time to drop your eyeballs and get to know about the imported marble in kishangarh to know in-depth about them. 

Do you know the reason why imported marble is a good choice in high-temperature regions?

Most people don't know this, but we're going to tell you today: marbles are resistant to heat, and they lose heat quickly because they are dense and hard. Due to this reason, when the whole environment burns like a heater, your floor remains cool. This is the nature of the marble, that it conducts the heat in a different manner. 

Now is the time to learn in-depth about the top 5 imported marbles in Kishangarh, with their properties and applications. 

Bottocino marble 

Bottocino is the most beautiful italian marble. It has a natural look that makes it stand out. To learn more about the Bottocino marble, let’s dig deep and see why we need to choose this marble for the interior and exterior of buildings. 


  • The other name of the Botticino marble is Bottichino marble. 
  • The color of the Bottocino marble is natural beige and the veins are brown. 
  • The reason why it is referred to by the name “Bottocino” is that this marble is quarried from Bottocino town. 
  • The color is pleasant to the eyes and there are different shades and patterns available for this marble.
  • Bottocino marble is the finest imported marble, with additional characteristics such as luxury, luster, and shine. 

Application of Bottocino Marble -

The application of the Bottocino marble is mentioned below - 


  • Bottocino marble is used in flooring, bathroom vanity, a bar of the ceiling, tabletop, and kitchen countertops. 
  • Designers recommend choosing this high-quality marble for the interior and exterior design of the building. 
  • This beautiful marble has extreme beauty and luxury to add to almost every corner of the room. 

Emperador Dark Marble 

Dark colors make a big impression on the mind because they are associated with power, elegance, and formality. Due to this reason, there is no doubt before choosing dark marble in professional and personal buildings. Emperador dark marble comes into the collection of brown marble, and this marble is well known for its irregular patterns and style of veins on the surface. If you are someone who is not interested in light-colored marbles anymore or wants to try something else, read on. Then this is the time to choose the Emperador dark marble for an aesthetic appearance. The strange fact about it is that “Emperador dark brown" is a marble and breccia type of stone.  

So these were the best collections of imported marble with the best italian marble price in india that will keep your place cool and also won't make you feel uncomfortable in the summer. Also, if you want any of these collections, you can connect with Stone Hub India, the best Italian marble company in india