How to Choose The Right Design For Marble Flooring

How to Choose The Right Design For Marble Flooring

Posted Date : 2020-12-18 18:21:54

Clean, beautiful, shiny, durable - there are many reasons why marble flooring is preferred over the centuries and has been in vogue all these years. But, for those of us who admire the completeness of the details, it is not a simple matter to choose the best marble and then let the chips fall where they may at the completion of the installation process. Choosing the right flooring design is a difficult task but it is always a good idea to know your options. We bring to you all the common and unique marble floor designs, which move out of the house around the world, so that informative decisions can be made about the flooring.

Finding order in boundaries

The black or brown border against beige or white marble looks beautiful and stylish. Various designs highlighting rooms and galleries are available. The oriental and royal look that makes these borders walk on the floor actually makes it feel equal to something very important, making a grand and thrilling entry on stage or a beautiful exit.

Standard of living

The texture we see in Marble turns out to play with care. Unique designs can be employed to serve as backgrounds to bring out the other decor of the interior decor. A matching wall piece can be molded from the same marble that is sedimented and has a black marble border to create minimal marble and modern décor. Mix it with mahogany furniture and decorative show pieces that pop against the colour of marble to fill life in the rooms.

In the headlines

The plain floor with an artistic design in the center has long been a symbol of luxury in the architecture and design world. Medals, star-shaped designs or a curved pattern of black and white marble all bring a sense of inspiring royalty to the house. They serve as focal points and make the floor look like Antoine Gaudí and his innovative designs, which is small in your home.

Construction of imitators, ceramic tile design

Recently, ceramic tiles are all the rage. With their ability to withstand traffic and increased strength and durability, the preference for ceramic tiles in generous designs makes sense. But the originality of the marble and its fine luster are unmatched. Therefore, if you like tile designs, a combination of tile designs is available for you to choose from.

Wooden floors. Only, in marble

Wood floor designs can be applied in marble because they are easier to maintain and durable than wood. Longitudinal designs in beige marble with dark stripes along them and shades of brown marble can be used to create better versions of wood flooring.

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