Gorgeous Ideas to Use Marble

Gorgeous Ideas to Use Marble

Posted Date : 2021-04-29 14:33:51

Marble Stone has found its path to many Indian houses today. From ancient civilization to the modern World, everything changes but the craziness and love for Marble has not changed. As a long-lasting material that also looks luxurious, marble is used in various parts of a house and can be upgraded immediately according to your Interior. As a backslash as armor for your kitchen, or as a typical dining tabletop, there is a dearth of options to apply marble design into your home. In this blog, we have mentioned some gorgeous ideas to use Marble. Let’s take a look below:-

1. Marble Table Top

If you are looking for a way to illuminate your dining area, bedroom or living room, look no further than the marble slab. It acts as a smooth tabletop or coffee table and natural strikes quickly catch the eye. For a Scandinavian look, you can pair marble slabs with gold-toned or black table frames. Positioning gilded mirrors against marble is a setup that is directly out of marble design photographs in Décor magazine.

2. Marble Counter Top

This is probably a centuries-old practice, but marble is still one of the countertop options today. The Marble stone is also available in various colors, including off-white, ocher, gray, even black. However, marble is not completely efficient as it digs easily and is not heat resistant. To combat this, consider applying one-on-one marble with a matte finish.

3. Marble Bathtub

To include marble as an articulation instead of a surface, sinks and bathtubs made of stone make a great choice. This is less of a constancy as it involves choosing just the right size and shape and then setting it to the location of choice. This is a experimental way to include a more costly trend into your home or to add a luxe element to a small apartment.

4. Marble Pooja Unit

What could be more elegance and peace for your place of worship than marble? It has an astronomical backdrop with a marble frame and matching table top. Guaranteed to look heavenly and immerse itself in the spiritual realm, the material is also vastly accepted.

It is easy to incorporate marble design into existing and new modern homes. Whether you play it safe with accents or go bold with floors and countertops! To get out of the trend, consider a color palette and sticking to a central theme.

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