Elegance Of Black Marble Floor

Elegance Of Black Marble Floor

Posted Date : 2020-12-17 18:38:21

Black is class and most of us prefer black colour be it in Clothes, Fashion accessories and when it comes to decorating our home. If you are planning to apply Marbles in your home and looking for a choice, then you are at the right place as we will tell you that which Marble and marble colour you should apply in your home. For decades now black marble has become synonymous with luxury in both residential and commercial designs. From the hotel foyer to the wet rooms of the penthouse, it is a matter of content for those wanting to add ultra-modern flares to their interior while retaining the natural refinement.

One of the reasons black marble is sought for is its richness. Black marble tiles are often placed on the floor. However, black marble slabs have their place in furniture design, kitchen worktops, and even decorative wall panelling - if you have concrete walls that will hold up. Black Marble will give a classy look to your home and will outshine your surface. Your guests will be attracted towards your home while looking at the touch that black will give to your House.

What Black Marble Actually is?

Black marble is a category of natural Indian marbles of black colour. They are very popular for their look and stunning look. Like other Indian stones it also contains calcite which makes it very durable and absorbs less water.

The black marble stone is as rigid and therefore durable as any other colour marble - the name comes only for aesthetics.

Where is the black marble found?

Like most marble, black marble is bizarre worldwide. It has been found in the China and Turkey. StoneHub India has the great quality of imported black marbles which will give your home a classy look.

As Floor Tiles

As above, you can use black marble on your floors, walls and surfaces. Especially in plentiful properties, the homeowner may opt for an all-marble bathroom, for example. To accent a certain element of a room marble is used as a focal point. For example, black marble fireplaces are very popular in contemporary cities with chimneys, such as townhouses.

If you like the idea of applying black marble in your home then you can Contact StoneHub India, Kishangarh (The marble city of India) which will provide you a great quality of imported marbles.