Armani marble and Irish Brown marble: Which one is best for flooring?

Armani marble and Irish Brown marble: Which one is best for flooring?

Posted Date : 2022-12-23 14:56:20

Stone Hub India is a leading supplier of imported marble, and they have around 300+ collections of imported marble in Kishangarh. There are various parts of the country from which Stone Hub India deals in italian marble so that people can take advantage of their favorite marble in India as well. 

Today we are sharing the differences between the Armani marble and the Irish Brown marble. Many contradictions exist between both marbles. We have brought this content to you to present a crystal-clear view to the people. 

Here is the marble with its appearance, origin, application, and characteristic:

Armani marble

  • Imported Italian collection of marble, found in Kishangarh and Jaipur. 
  • Armani Marble Kishangarh is a marble-like stone with a grey/beige tone. The marble is imported from Italy and the Kishangarh district of Rajasthan, India. 
  • The marble stone was mined in Kishangarh, a town in the Indian state of Rajasthan. This ancient province dates from 2000 BC and was part of the Indus Valley Civilization (6000-2600 BC). 
  • Our Armani Marble is a superior quality marble, commonly used in luxury homes throughout the world. 
  • Its rich golden color and sleek, smooth finish is the perfect combination for your home. 
  • Kishangarh marble is a one of its kind variety of marble and is mostly used in interior decorating. 
  • Armani’s marble collection is a unique combination of luxury and power. These timeless Italian imports provide a stunning look for every setting as well as superior value for money.
  • This beautiful marble is a good choice for placement in your kitchen or bathroom because it offers a bright and crisp appearance that looks modern and stylish. 


Irish brown marble

Damn sure! You couldn’t move on from the hangover of this marble. Interior designers recommend installing this marble in the building for a magnificent experience. Irish brown marble is brown in the background and light brown and grey in the veins all around. The brown color symbolizes the resilience and sense of strength that create inspiring vibes in the environment. 


  • This is brown and it's available in premium quality. 
  • Haphazard veins of light brown and grey color
  • This marble is quarried in China. 
  • The best advantage of the Irish brown marble is that it has a crack-free surface and low water absorption capacity. 
  • The other reason why people use this marble is because of its durability and the lifetime of the Irish brown marble is 15 years. 
  • This is generally used in wall capping, countertops, fountains, pools, interior flooring, bathroom vanities, wall cladding of bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, as well as sink tops. 
  • The polishing of the marble is available in the following manner - sanded, rock-faced, swan cut, sandblasted, tumbled and bush-hammered. 
  • Someone doesn't need to hustle in finding the marble and also it doesn’t require high maintenance. 
  • Scratch resistance is high and has a matte-type appearance.
  • It has stain, heat, and moisture resistance capacity.
  • Irish brown marble stands in almost all the worst situations. 
  • The price of the Irish brown marble is around 220 INR Per Square Feet


Wrapping Up -

We hope you learned a lot about Armani marble and Irish brown marble, and now you have already decided which would be best for the flooring. Many marbles look similar but show different properties and traits. Awareness in this field will help to choose the right one in the right place. Whether you are building for personal or commercial purposes, using imported marble is always the best choice to bring elegance to the building. If you are also looking for the best imported marble for the interior and exterior of the building, then we are ready to serve you better. Get the best-quality marble from the best imported marble company in Kishangarh


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