Why is Italian marble the perfect choice for luxury homes?

Why is Italian marble the perfect choice for luxury homes?

Posted Date : 2023-04-20 15:35:56

Since the time of the Romans and Greeks, humans have used Italian marble, which is brought from all over the world. The Taj Mahal, the Parthenon in Greece, the Michelangelo statue, and the Lincoln Memorial in the United States are famous monuments that have been heritage sites in India. 

Marble is an accepted building material for use in homes and offices worldwide because of its resemblance to nature, elegance, and opulent appearance. Installing Italian marble adds a seductive touch to any project, whether it is for a home or business. But even so, what distinguishing qualities distinguish Italian marble from other types? Now that we are sharing them all, dopamine will undoubtedly be replaced. 

Special characteristics of the imported marble

The following distinctive features of Italian marble make a difference in the structure's overall aesthetic: Let's get things straightened out.


Veins, colors, and patterns

Colors brighten the eyes of the spectator, and the imported marble's beautiful colors constantly produce a spectacular appearance. Around the world, there is a sizable collection of marble with distinctive patterns. Additionally, no one else has similar color variations and patterns. When it comes to veins, the stunning, artistically created veins that naturally occur grab individuals like a magnet. These veins develop on the crystallized marble surface as a result of water condensation and evaporation.

Strength and longevity

The marble-built historical structures in India improve the nation's image abroad. Travelers from far beyond national boundaries visit to experience the beautiful grandeur that still stands at its own feet. Italian marble is notable for its endurance and tenacity. For this reason, Italian marble continues to be in high demand, exceeding its annual purchase cap each year. Italian marble is the ideal investment for a luxury home because it requires a single investment and keeps its brilliance for a very long period of time.


A luxury residence must have all the conveniences required to offer tenants comfort. Because of its adaptability, marble has an artistic aspect that may be found in every nook of a luxurious home. Italian marble works well in virtually any interior or exterior setting. Each marble has its own superior qualities, and only the knowledgeable dealer of an imported marble company is aware of their value.

Sustaining and caring

Italian marble requires upkeep at specific intervals, and this kind of consistent care lengthens its lifespan. Both installing it and keeping it maintained require expert personnel. There are numerous domestic safety concerns that residents should always be aware of. When something spills on the floor, using commercial cleaners to clean it and paying closer attention are both necessary.

When cleaning surfaces, there are a number of market-available procedures to take into account, such as utilizing a cotton cloth and neutral cleaners.


When quality comes first, price takes a back seat. However, if it is within your price range, demand will continue to be steady. Because of this, the price is also a major concern for the Indian supplier of Italian marble. The Italian marble price per square foot varies depending on a number of variables, including the quarry's location, accessibility, stock levels, shape, and size. Italian marble that has been imported is readily available, and the imported marble price per square foot is about 250 INR.


In a house, one can feel secure, unrestricted, and at ease. Happiness can be doubled in a well-designed home, and this can also be accomplished with the use of the ideal imported marble. The Italian marble is adaptable, provides a regal atmosphere, and is heat- and scratch-resistant. In order to connect with the best imported marble company in India, you must look for a sustainable alternative like this one.