Top 3 Italian Imported Marbles For Flooring In Home And Offices

Top 3 Italian Imported Marbles For Flooring In Home And Offices

Posted Date : 2022-11-21 16:19:58

Imported Marbles For Flooring In Home And Offices 

Italian imported Kishangarh marbles adds a luxurious appearance to the building. India is another marble-importing country after China and other countries. Kishangarh, Rajasthan, is India's largest marble market. 

The marble industry is inevitable and demanding, and it is projected to grow its revenue more in the coming years. Stone Hub India is the best - imported marble supplier Kishangarh and helps the customer add charm to their building through the best-quality imported Italian marble. Flooring is an important part of any structure, and if you're not sure which marble to go with, here are the three best collections to add opulence to your home. 

Here are the three top Italian imported marbles to use in flooring for home and offices

There are numerous flooring options available in imported Italian marble, but we have listed some of the best collections here. 

Italian Statuario marble -  

  • Appearance and Origin -

  1. The color of the Italian Statuario marble is - white with gold and grey color veins. 
  2. This marble is directly imported from the quarry in Italy. 
  3. The thin and bold patterns of the Italian imported marble make it exceptional. 
  4. The mountain of the Statuario marble is in Carrara. 
  5. The white color is striking and brings a better experience. 
  • Other information - 

  1. Due to its stunning appearance, this is high in demand and expensive. 
  2. The architects and designers of homes and buildings recommend this marble to use. Now it depends on the budget and resources that the owner is comfortable to make things happen or not. 
  3. It seems pure, and durable, and adds elegance to the overall look of the building. 
  4. There is no comparison between Statuario marble and other types of Rajasthan marble. 

Botticino classic - 

The Italian Vittorio Emanuele II monument is made of Botticino marble. This royal building is a beautiful example of the application of the Botticino classic. Botticino classic marble is available in various types, and here are some: Botticino Classico, Botticino Semi-Classico, and Botticino Crema. The meaning of the word "Botticino" is "barrel,” and it is quarried from the Italian Alps. 

During the ruling times of the Romans, this was one of the most prominent Italian-imported marbles that people were using for building monuments and forts. 

  •  Appearance and Origin - 

  1. The color of the Italian imported marble is natural beige 
  2. Quarried from the Borricino town 
  3. The luster and quality of the Botticino marble are of supreme quality
  • Other information - 

  • This is the best choice for the flooring in the home and offices
  • Due to its impeccable color, this is one of the most preferable Italian imported marble and adds brightness to the place. 
  • Generally used in the - kitchen countertops, flooring, and interior and exterior parts of a building. 
  • The best advantage is that - this imported Italian marble is affordable. 
  • Someone can find various kinds and types of the Italian imported marble-like 
  • Botticino Extra Light Marble, Botticino Classic, rectangular Botticino granite, Botticino Fiorita, and Botticino crema 
  • The surface of the marble is polished, and the thickness is around 16 mm. 

Grey William - 

  • Appearance and Origin - 

People refer to this marble as a “timeless classic,” and this is one of the best Italian imported marbles. This marble is gray in color, as its name suggests, and there are numerous color and pattern options available. For the interior and exterior of the home and building, this is an exceptional choice. Other names for the imported Italian grey william marble are - Grigio Billiemi and Grigio William marble

Other information: 

  • The strength of the Imported Italian marble is about 147.42 MPa 
  • Grey William marble is quarried from the Monte Billiemi, Toretta, and Sicilia 
  • The polishing on the surface of the Italian imported Italian marble is - polished, honed, bushhammered, blasted, and sandblasted

Types of Italian imported marble - GREY WILLIAM 

Below mentioned some of the following types of Kishangarh Italian marble, Grey Marble is here - 

  • Silver shadow marble
  • Grey Emperador marble 
  • Fior Di Bosco 
  • Baltic gray marble 
  • Pietra Grey marble 
  • Silver grey marble 
  • Savana grey marble
  • Cinderella grey marble 

Grey William comes in a wide range of varieties, allowing people to select what they want.

The best place from where you can order Italian imported marble 

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Wrapping Up - 

Italian Statuario marble, Botticino classic, and Grey William, with their origins, appearances, and applications, are the best types of imported marble to choose from for monuments, architecture, and commercial purposes. No need to look around; Stone Hub India, an ISO-certified company, can provide you with high-quality imported marble in Kishangarh.