Posted Date : 2023-09-30 18:54:54

Marble Arch, Parthenon Temple, Lincoln Memorial, the Supreme Court Building in Washington, and Milan Cathedral are some of the beautiful monument examples made from supreme quality white Italian marble. These buildings are a testament to the beauty of this Italian marble and the prestigious artwork of marble.

This has been in use since ancient times, and people have been using it to represent a symbol of royalty and luxury. The pure white color is a symbol of elegance, simplicity, and peace, and installing the white Italian marble transforms the whole ambiance into a high-end structure. The marble is quarried through the natural process, and the essence of nature certainly comes into the home or building when one installs it. The beautiful Italian white marble is used in flooring, countertops, interior or exterior applications, and decorative purposes. We can use this aesthetic piece to embrace the transition.

But there are wide options available through which you can decorate the white imported marble inside. In this blog, we’ve got you covered about white Italian marble, its type, and creative ways through which you can beautify the interior. Let’s keep reading.

What is white Italian marble?

White Italian marble is a type of Italian marble in a magnificent white color with a striking vein pattern. There are many quarries all across the globe from which we can extract for supply purposes. Some of the renowned quarries are Carrara, Tuscany, the Apuan Alps, the Statuario region, Verona, and Thassos Island. The white Italian marble has durability, possesses low porosity, and is available in a well-finished manner. Stone Hub India imported the white Italian marble straight from these quarries without compromising the quality. After being imported from the quarries, a quality check process needs to be performed to maintain its luster.

In white Italian marble, there are distinct shades available with unique artistic veins, and below we mention the following types:

Types of White Italian Marble

Depending on the region, temperature, and extended time period of imported marble, there is variation in the color, texture, quality, and vein pattern. In the class of white Italian marble, these are sub-categories of white Italian marble that are also popular for their unique texture and appearance.

  • Statuario marble 
  • Carrara marble 
  • Calacatta marble 
  • Bianco Venatino marble 
  • Thassos marble 

Before purchasing the white Italian marble, ensure that the type, space, finish, polishing, and thickness perfectly complement your style of living and interior. Among all these subcategories in the white range, you can choose any type as per the requirements.

Here are ten creative ways in which you can beautify the interior with white Italian marble.

Marble is nature’s beautiful gift to the world, and it has been glorifying the beauty of monuments and buildings for a long time. Once you have installed the marble, it will create a serene, peaceful, and pious kind of environment all around. Spread the optimistic vibes that heal the soul, expel all the negative energy, and create a heavenly peace of mind. That is why this is the best option, as per Vastu’s science.


White Italian marble stunned the viewer through its texture, quality, fine polishing, and artistic vein pattern. From classic to contemporary, this marble is a ready-to-go alternative to enhance the charm of the building and bring the epitome of elegance

  • Flooring

The foremost application of white Italian marble is for flooring, whether it is for the bathroom, kitchen, living room, or bedroom. The beautiful flooring adds elegance to your interior and upgrades the viewer’s experience.

  • Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen is the daily workplace of every lady, and this place is also considered a pious place like home’s temple. Installing the Italian white marble in the kitchen makes the whole appearance inviting and gleaming. This illuminates the interior and complements both traditional and contemporary design.

  • Bathroom

This is the time to transform your bathroom’s interior into a spa retreat. Whether you use marble for countertops, shower walls, soap dispensers, trays, toothbrush holders, around the sink, and flooring, this will enhance your regular bathroom’s use experience.

  • Around fireplace

While spending time in the living room, you never imagined that you could even use the marble around the fireplace. But once you install it, it will capture the focal point of the occupants.

  • Accent walls

Instead of wondering here and there for an appealing background for the best click, Install the white marble on your home walls and make every corner ready for a picture-perfect shot. The beautiful white marble walls portray the story of their journey, and you can use them anywhere to create a backdrop of ravishing artwork.

  • Coffee and dining table

The marble-installed table is the best experiment you can do to display your creativity in a restaurant or at home. This will create a high-definition appearance that adds chic and sophistication. This kind of visually striking moment is memorable.

  • Decorative pieces

Marble is the best thing to choose for decorative pieces placed in a living room, and it will intensify the beauty of the living room. Statues, vases, and other crockery showpieces are all beautiful decorative pieces that you can decorate with white Italian marble to enhance the look and feel of the ambiance.

Reasons to choose white Italian marble

There are various reasons associated with choosing Italian marble for the home, and here we are briefing you with some:

  • White marble is durable, and it remains strong with the test of time.
  • There are a number of varieties available in the white marble collection.
  • White Italian marble is natural, and each slab is distinct from the others.
  • Marble can be used for various purposes; hence, it is versatile.
  • Due to its luxurious appearance, marble increases the resale value of the property.
  • Marble flooring doesn’t require heavy maintenance.
  • White Italian marble can withstand any kind of temperature and pressure without compromising its beauty.

Price of white Italian marble

The major fact about the price of white Italian marble is that it depends on the quality, quantity, finish, thickness, company from which you are purchasing and availability. Due to these reasons, the price varies in every region. The exact price of white Italian marble is around INR 400 in the current market.


Also, if the customer is on the outskirts of the city, Kishangarh, then there will be additional charges for transportation and labor to reach the customer.

Where can I buy white Italian marble?

In the market, you can find various vendors who supply imported marble in kishangarh is the main hub of imported marble, where you can find a plethora of varieties, including white Italian marble. Among all these, it is sometimes impossible to choose the right white Italian marble supplier. Stone Hub India, an imported marble supplier, has been supplying Italian marble for a long time. They deliver premium quality marble in a cost-effective manner. So if you are wondering about white Italian marble, then none of the Italian marble companies is better than Stone Hub India.

Final Thoughts!

White Italian marble is a symbol of luxury, and it is a prestigious element that you can choose to transform the whole appearance. This is a durable, stain-resistant, versatile, and timeless beauty that never fades and stood the test of time. The dramatic veins and exquisite texture quality create a significant effect on the mind of the viewer. There are various applications of white Italian marble that you can experiment with. Flooring, decorative pieces, bathrooms, kitchens, and flooring—you can create a striking retreat-like appearance to stun the newcomer. If you are willing to transform your whole interior with the aesthetic of white Italian marble, then Stone Hub India is a leading supplier of white Italian marble. From here, you can choose whatever type suits your convenience in a cost-effective manner.