History Of Kishangarh - The Biggest Market For Imported Marbles In India

History Of Kishangarh - The Biggest Market For Imported Marbles In India

Posted Date : 2022-09-27 16:17:18

The founder of Kishangarh was Prince Krishna Singh of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The whole region of Rajasthan is known for its outstanding culture, customs, and heritage. The majority of tourists visit this place every year and capture incredible memories in their minds and photos. There is one place that is also known as the “moon land of Rajasthan” and the “marble city of Rajasthan",  and that place is - Kishangarh. The visitor could say that it is the other “Mini Maldives of India". Forts, sky-touching mountains, beautiful scenery, and the temple of nine planets. In this place, the shooting of several films has happened, and some of them are - Dabangg 3, Baghi 3, and Kis kisko pyaar karoon. Now let’s see  - why people refer to Kishangarh as the biggest market for imported marble in India.

Why is Kishangarh known as the “marble city of India”? How do I get in here? 

The people of Rajasthan had to deal with a waste accumulation problem. To get rid of this problem, they made it a place for marble and dumped the imported marble over here. Visitors can roam this place at any time, but they need to get permission first. The charm and beauty spread all across the corners of the place are out of this world. If you are planning to visit this place, then it is -18 miles from Ajmer and 90 km from Jaipur. There are buses and trains available for a safe and secure journey. Some of the attractive places that you shouldn’t miss here are Khoda Ganesh Ji temple, Phool Mahal Palace, the temple of nine planets, and Gondulav lake

Following imported marbles that you could find in the Kishangarh 

For building any resort, palace, or hotel - quantity and quality need to be taken care of. A choice of marble can make or break the foundation of the building. Choose from the top ten imported marbles in Kishangarh listed below. 

  • Bottocino 
  • Armani brown 
  • Golden portoro
  • Dyna 
  • Perlato royal 
  • Perlato sicilia 
  • Breccia aurora  
  • Black Marquina
  • Light emperador
  • Newton grey 


Stone Hub India is the best-imported marble seller in Kishangarh and supplies marble in regions like - Mathura, Kanpur, Lucknow, Bareilly, Indore, Agra, Gwalior, Ranchi, Jhansi, Rajasthan, Cuttack, Dehradun, and Gorakhpur, and many more. We are in the category of the best-imported marble importer in Kishangarh. There is the following reason why people prefer Italian marble over ordinary marble: 

  • Durability - 

The only thing that makes a difference from the rest is their uniqueness. The same thing happens with the marble, and the durability is the quality that separates the Italian imported marble from others. Whether it is about Dyna or Golden Portoro, the durability enables the building to stand strong for a long period of time. 

  • Beautiful textures - 

The enticing colors that draw the eyeballs are gleaming white, grey, black, and gold. These textures are unavailable anywhere else, and no one can claim the supreme quality that Italian imported marble has. 

  • Quality control standard - 

The quality of the stuff shouts out loudly if it possesses a quality, and that is why the rates of the imported marbles in Kishangarh are competitive. Ordinary people couldn’t afford it, but if you are seeking value, then this is a “must buy” option to choose. 

  • Clone marble is not possible - 

The reason why no one could copy the imported marbles in Kishangarh is because of their A-grade quality. There are multiple ways to recognize the quality of the marble, and someone can easily identify them. Matching the quality of the imported Italian marble is not possible. Beware of the people who do fraud online. 

  • Quarried at the time of Roman - 

The quote is worth saying for the imported marble, and that is - “old is gold," and Romans were also using it in their buildings. But still, possess the same shine and another quality of this marble is its heat absorbent and cooling traits. Due to this reason, you could find monuments and buildings made from these imported marbles in this region. 

  • Pressure handling capacity -

Imported marbles are ready to handle pressure, heat, and other kinds of external conditions. As a result, the ancient forts, pillars, and buildings are still the favorite destinations due to their endurance and pressure-handling capacity. Similarly, if you are using these marbles in the home or office then it is not possible to get cracks or any kind of faults. 

Wrapping Up -

Kishangarh is a famous place for the marketing of imported marbles and ruling all over Asia for marbles. In this place, you can find the top ten imported marbles that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Above we have shared a lot about marble and if you want to develop resorts and hotels then this is the time to ping a message to us. Our company is completely certified and offers the best quality marble at the doorstep of the customer.