Top 10 Marbles Imported To Kishangarh For Hotels And Resorts In 2022

Top 10 Marbles Imported To Kishangarh For Hotels And Resorts In 2022

Posted Date : 2022-09-27 12:31:05

The marble industry is growing rapidly and it is expected to grow in the coming years, as per the latest sources. The statistics reveal that the marble industry is expected to make a profit of USD 16 billion in the coming years.


Rajasthan is an extremely beautiful place, and every year, several tourists visit this place for sightseeing. There have been several kings who ruled in the city, like Udai Singh, Maharana Pratap, and many more. Forts, royal palaces, hotels, and other monuments are the major attractions in this place. To build beautiful hotels and resorts, there is a requirement for robust and effective marbles. Kishangarh is popularly known as the "marble city of India" and is also known as the "moon land of Rajasthan". This is another favorite destination for tourists in Rajasthan, India. If you like to know more about marble, then here we are sharing the top five imported marbles in Kishangarh that you could use for hotels and resorts.


Here is the list of the top five imported marbles available in Kishangarh. 


We are listing down the top ten imported marbles available in Kishangarh and you can choose any as per your budget and availability. 


  • Bottocino marble 
  • Brown Armani Marble
  • Golden Portoro marble 
  • Dyna marble 
  • Italian Perlato marble 
  • Perlato Royale marble 
  • Perlato Sicilia marble 
  • Breccia Aurora Marble 
  • Black Marquina Marble 
  • Light Emperador Marble 
  • Newton grey marble 

The Bottocino Marbles-

Bottocino marble doesn’t seem like an artificial tile used in the home or office. It brings a natural experience, and there are random spots and veins all over them. The strange fact about the Bottocino marble is that people were using it in ancient times. In addition, the name is derived from the word "botti," which means barrels. Someone can use it in the kitchen, bathrooms, countertops, and sinks for an elegant and magnificent look.

  • Specifications and features:

Bottocino marble is easily available on the market in various colors, shapes, and sizes.

It is durable and customizable as well.

Bottocino marble has a glossy finish that makes the lifestyle experience better.

The popular sizes in the market for this marble are: 600*1200, 800*1600, and 1200*1200. 

Several types of Bottocino marble are: Desert Gris Marble, Optical Bottocino, Botticino classic, Botticino royale, and natural.

Brown Marble Armani-

This marble was excavated from the land of Turkey. Armani Brown marble is famous for its unique brown color and it is also known as the "Prestige Brown Color". Armani marble is preferred for use on the floor, walls, and stairs.

  • Specifications and features:

There is no specific price range for it, and it is a highly competitive and demanding marble in the market.

available in the form of a slab with a highly polished finish.

Portoro golden marble-

The other names for Portoro marble are gold and black marble. The Portoro marbles stand out from the rest of the competition due to their distinct color. The strange fact about the portoro is that the black and gold colors on the marble are due to the marine materials oxidizing. If you have any doubts about its quality, try using Portoro marble. It will perform commendable jobs related to business and personal spaces.

Dyna Marble-

If you are seeking marble at a reasonable rate, including a high standard of quality, then this is the marble to choose from. Dyna marble is popular for its supreme quality, appealing texture, and endurance. People use this marble in hotels, floors, apartments, and resorts as well. This is a privilege of human beings that they get this kind of natural artistic stuff free of charge. 

  • Specifications and features:

The finish of this marble brings a mind-boggling experience and an A-grade look.

There are multiple ranges available for this marble.

Dyna marble types are: Dyna beige, Dyna light grey, Dyna classic, Dyna collin, delight, delicate, and honey.

Italian Perlato Marble -

There are many constructors and people who seek marble with enriching qualities, excluding thoughts on pricing. Then Perlato Italian marble is the best choice among the rest. Perlato is imported from Italy, and people have been mining this marble since ancient times. It is generally used for flooring, kitchens, and other commercial purposes. Endurance, a magnificent appearance, impeccable colour shades available on the market.

  • Specifications and features:

In Italy, this is also known as the "pearl of Sicily."

The best contrasting features of this marble are its strength, similar texture, reduced absorption, and effortless availability on the market.

The Romans lived in buildings made of Perlato Italian marble because it added value to their way of life.

Whether you are using it for internal or external purposes, it will reflect the glamour of its beauty.


Italy and China are the largest producers of marble globally. The above mentioned are the following types of marble that someone can buy from Kishangarh: But if you haven’t drawn attention to this question, then bring it now-how to identify the quality of the marble.


Quality-enriched products are impossible, but there are specific ways to identify the quality of the marble. We are sharing some of the most effective ways to recognize the quality of marble.


  • Squeeze the lemon because the concentration of the acid reveals an insane number of things about the product or marble.
  • Choose the right seller to buy the marbles.
  • Check for fissures and cracks before buying.

Wrapping Up-

The visually appealing infrastructure of the home and business entices the audience to pay a visit at least once. But if you are unable to find the best-imported marble seller in your specific area, or region, then this is the time to connect with us. We are the best-imported marble importers in Kishangarh in various regions.