Difference between imported marble and Indian marble

Difference between imported marble and Indian marble

Posted Date : 2022-12-28 17:07:02

The marble industry is expected to gain 5.5% in revenue in the coming year. The rise in the development of buildings leads to an increase in the demand for marble. 

Marble has been used since ancient times, and it brings elegance to the appearance of buildings. However, the majority of people are unaware of the differences between imported and Indian marble, as well as the reasons why Italian marble is more expensive and superior to Indian marble.  

Stone Hub India, a top leading supplier of imported marble Kishangarh, is answering all of your questions today. Read more!


Let’s start with the pros of Indian marble - 

Source of origin - The quarries of Indian marble are mainly in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh. 

Polishing - The polishing of Indian marble could be polished or unpolished. Well, it depends on the demand of the customer and their requirements. 

Installation - It does not require a lot of effort to install on Indian marble.   

Price - The price of Indian marble is 50 INR per square foot. 

Types of Indian Marble - The following are popular types of Indian marble that people prefer to use when selecting from the Indian marble options: Makrana marble, white Ambaji marble, Indian green marble, white statuario marble, Jodhpur pink marble, and Onyx marble

Other traits of Indian marble - Indian marble could be available in any corner of India. Durable, eco-friendly, and stain-resistant are the unique traits of Indian marble. 

Cons of Indian marble 

Indian marble doesn’t possess luster; hence, it looks ordinary. 


  • Pros and Cons of Italian marble 

Let's start with the Italian marble - 

Varieties - The best advantage of using Italian marble is the insane variety of colors available. 

Lustre - The luster of Italian marble creates a benchmark, another thing that makes Italian marble better than Indian marble. 

 Durable - Italian marble has a common trait with Indian marble, and that is durability. 

Spread shine to the room - Due to its luster and glittering traits, Italian marble is the most preferred marble in the world.

Source and origin of the marble - The source and origin of the marble are outside India, mostly in Italy, China, and Turkey. 

Installation - Installation of the Italian marble requires more effort and skilled workers. 

Adaptable - Italian marble can adapt to any temperature and location without losing its luster, no matter where it is installed. 

 Effortless to clean - Italian marble is the best-quality marble that is effortless to clean, and the surface of the Italian marble is highly smooth. 

Types of Marble - There is a wide variety of Italian marble there, some of which are mentioned below:  Carrara marble, Calacutta marble, Emperador marble, Crema Marfil marble, and Levadia black marble. 

Cons of the Italian marble 

Italian marble is not cheap because it is imported from other parts of the country, which includes manual efforts, shipping charges, and taxes. 

Wrapping Up - 

Above all, both Indian and Italian marble are poles apart from each other based on their appearance, texture quality, pricing, and efforts in installation. Now it all depends on the customer and their requirements because not everyone has enough money to buy premium-quality imported Italian marble. 

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