Choosing Bathroom Worktops For Vanity Unit

Choosing Bathroom Worktops For Vanity Unit

Posted Date : 2021-02-23 16:49:46

Bathroom is a major central point of many overhaul projects. It is one of the most noticeable places in a home and is also a vital place for comfort and tranquilizing. Like any kitchen remodeling projects, bathroom worktops and vanity tops not only provide a functional work surface, but also serve as a core part of the overall bathroom design.

Finding the right marble option for your bathroom worktops is no small matter. In selecting the right material for your home it is important to consider many different stone materials and their personal qualities. Good bathroom worktops should meet the ideal balance of functionality and aesthetics so that you know how to live.

As a high traffic area in your home, your bathroom is permitting to lots of water, soap, cosmetic and cleaning chemicals. So to help you along your way, we have put together this guide on several stone materials before choosing your bathroom worktops.

Marble Bathroom Worktops

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As one of the most stunning natural stones around, marble is usually the most standard selection of stone for lavatory worktops and floors. With increasing advancements in modern technology, it is also available in a vast range of color variations and patterns. Each slab is extremely unique and adds a touch of class to any home!


  • Cold Temperature -It maintains a cool temperature which is ideal for bathrooms where hot showers and liquids are common places.
  • Sense of area – The light, natural look of the marble stone can even provide the illusion of supplementary area – ideal for making a soothing and cleansing atmosphere that is ideal for toilet areas.
  • Easy to maintain - Marble is also very easy to maintain, just clean the surfaces with water and a mild detergent.


  • Can stain simply- Marble is more absorptive than other natural stones like granite and intrinsically can additional promptly absorb unwanted liquids or oils that are split on the surface. You should be careful with using nail varnish or any acidic liquids that can stain the worktop, even in the bathroom.
  • Susceptible to scratching - Marble is susceptible to scratching and therefore caution should be exercised when using any sharp objects in your bathroom.


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