Best Italian Marble Design in Kishangarh

Best Italian Marble Design in Kishangarh

Posted Date : 2020-03-16 13:53:46

“Italian Marble” a phrase in itself has created a brand value for itself. With so many countries involved in marble quarrying, one very obvious question that pops up in my mind is “what makes these Italian marbles so popular?” In this blog, we will try to discuss two major aspects of the best Italian Marbles and the reason for their popularity.

When it comes to Italian marble the most famous one is from the Carrara region. One of the basic reasons for the popularity of these marble designs is because of its best raw material and quality control management right from cutting to packaging.

Best Italian Marbles

An expert can very well differentiate between the Italian marble texture and local copy marbles. The kind of purity and durability these marbles carry makes them the best marble in the world.

Statuario is the most popular Italian marble and is mostly used to give a luxurious appearance to space. These marbles are mostly white in color but some of these marbles have a greyish texture also. Though they have a white background they also have brown and gold undertones.

These are the most precious marbles variety found in Italy. These marbles are almost snow-white in color which makes them the most valuable and utilized Italian Marbles. Stone Hub India Provides authentic Italian marbles which are directly quarried from Italy. We deliver authentic marble directly from Italy. We also recommend and provide assistance to our clients to select the best-suited marble for their space.

Why Italian Marble is Best?

Before answering this question, we need to understand “how is a crystallized limestone formed. When the sedimentary rock faces high temperature and immense pressure, the formation of large crystals occurs which bind together to form metamorphic rock known as marbles. Unlike limestone, the marbles have impurities destroyed by immense heat which leaves them with a vein-like design that largely depends upon the kind of mineral present in the rock. The intense heating makes these stones far stronger than the limestones.

The first reason for the excellence of Italian marble is the fact that these Marble are formed by baking limestones at intense temperature and pressure. These processes eradicate all impurities and provide intensive durability to the stones. The kind of temperature and pressure the Italian climate provides to these stones make them the best in quality.

The second reason is the fact that Italians have excelled in the stone working heritage. They are the first to invent the stone quarrying method that is still used in modern times.

Lastly, they have very high-quality management at a place that they have developed over the years. Italians have set very high standards for quality control and perform everything with precision. Even today they are assumed to be the most skillful cutters and carvers in the whole world.

The precision of their skills could be understood by the fact that sometimes slabs are cut and tagged as “ Italian “ even after being quarried in China and Vietnam and the same are sent to Italy for cutting and then further exported to the USA. therefore while purchasing the Italian marble it should be taken into consideration that you get the marble quarried from Italy, not the one that has been sent to Italy just for cutting and finishing.

To conclude, the best marble suppliers make sure that they only deliver authentic Italian marbles to their clients. clients also need to make sure that they are purchasing the marble from authentic and quality marble suppliers.

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