Beautiful Countertops for your Kitchens

Beautiful Countertops for your Kitchens

Posted Date : 2022-02-02 13:07:19

Marble is considered to be a great choice for Kitchen Countertops. But before selecting the one you should know its pros and cons. There is no doubt that marble countertops are gorgeous but simultaneously it demands high maintenance and care. As it is softer than granite. Marble has its pros too like it is heat resistant, durable, and less prone to any scratches and stains.

We have a collection of marble stones that qualifies all abilities of kitchen countertops. Here are some of the marble stones:

Spanish Grey Marble

Spanish grey marble imported from the best quarries of Turkey. If you prefer smooth, flat-surfaced matte finish marble then it is the perfect slab for your kitchen. Also, Spanish grey marble is available in polished, sawn cut, sanded and rock-faced slabs.

Antique Beige Marble

Beige in color this marble adds a whole lot of sparkle to your houses when matched with the furniture. Antique beige marble is considered to be the perfect countertops, along with its amazing design, color it offers certain features like resistance to scratches and stains.

Brecha Rosetta Marble

Brecha Rosetta Marble features a cremish background with pink to maroon veins enveloping the whole surface. This marble makes a graceful countertop for the kitchen. If the furniture of your kitchen is any shade of brown, this marble stone is the ultimate match as a kitchen countertop.

Brescia Vaticana Marble

This light-shaded marble features a brown color background having a cloud-shaped dark structure all over it. This beautiful marble has the perfect thickness for a kitchen countertop. It has a captivating look that catches every guest's attention at least for a minute. It comes in the very affordable range, for more information you can check stone hub India website.

Dyna Marble

Dyna Marble is mainstreamed for its clean look and sturdiness. This marble slab gives a feel of wooden texture because of its veins structure. Along, with its amazing design, it also offers durability and scratch resistance. This Italian Dyna marble is like adding strawberries to cake, makes your kitchen more elegant and luxurious yet durable.

Versace Grey Marble

Versace grey is an Italian Marble with a beautiful and unique background featuring a splash of colors blue colors Light Blue with white and golden veins. This Versace grey marble is a perfect fit for kitchen countertops. This grey marble can match with light to dark furniture providing you a graceful look.

Grey Sparrow Marble

Grey Sparrow marble is imported from the best quarries of Italy, featuring a very subtle shade of color brown along it depicts light brown and white patches all over the surface. Generally, it is being used for exterior and interior projects but being subtle in shade & effective in design this marble stone has been used as kitchen countertops also. With its absolute thickness and being less prone to scratches, it is perfect for kitchen countertop.



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