Almiscado and Amarone Marble: Which one is best for commercial buildings?

Almiscado and Amarone Marble: Which one is best for commercial buildings?

Posted Date : 2023-03-16 18:09:51

There are several collections of italian marble, and it is not possible for someone to know about each one. Also, if you drop the search for “italian marble near me” then it will take more effort and time to get detailed information about both marbles. To avoid consuming too much time, we are listing down here the properties, applications, and other interesting features of Almiscado and Amarone marbles so you can know in-depth about them.

Almiscado Imported Marble -

As the name of this marble is quite specific, the same is true of its appearance too. The unique name of this marble formed due to the place where it was found. Almiscado marble is quarried straight from Almiscado, Portugal. This marble is perfect for commercial and residential purposes because it is known for its beautiful vein patterns and color.This marble is available in a wide range of colors, and some of its magnificent colors are grey, beige, and cream. The texture of this marble is a fine-grained, well-polished surface that gives the building a luxurious appearance.


The other properties of this marble include:

  • Almiscado marble is durable.
  • Possess luster and are resistant to heat and scratches.
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Experts recommend this imported marble in areas with heavy traffic.


  • The best way to use this imported marble is in the flooring, countertops, and walls.
  • Also, someone can use this marble for sculptures and decorative items

Amarone Imported Marble -

Italian marble is well-known on the market because of its shine, nice veins, and high quality. Due to this reason, the demand for imported Italian marble is much higher than expected for the decoration of the building. Amarone marble is also the best-quality imported marble that you can find in our wide collection of Italian-imported marble.


  • The appearance of Italian imported marble, Amarone, is brown in the fine.
  • The thickness of the Amarone marble is 16–18 mm.
  • Amarone marble is available in the form of slabs of varying sizes.
  • The slab of Amarone marble is polished and semi-polished.
  • The major feature of Amarone marble that makes it different from other marbles is its resin-lined, treated epoxy slab.
  • The origin of the Amarone marble is Iran.

Application of Amarone Marble

The application of the best Italian-imported Amarone marble is discussed below -

  • This is the best-quality imported marble that is used for countertops, mosaics, fountains, pools, and wall clapping.
  • Interior designers allow the customer to prefer this Italian-imported marble over others.
  • Aramone marble is also used for the stairs and windows of the building.


Wrapping Up:

Both marbles, Amarone and Almiscado, are unique in their specifications and are best for interior and exterior decoration. So if you are someone who is planning to import either of them, then this content will let you know about both in detail. Stone Hub India has the best collection of italian marble in india, and they have the best-quality imported marble to sell. They always recommend the best imported materials for any type of building to make the appearance of the building stand out.