A Quick Guide To Selecting The Right Type Of Marbles

A Quick Guide To Selecting The Right Type Of Marbles

Posted Date : 2022-10-17 11:48:51

Marble brings charm and a mesmerizing look to your building, and turns the ordinary building into a dream paradise on the planet earth. Kishangarh is the only region in India that supplies 90% of the marble, which makes this city a “marble city in India”. Whether it is Armani Grey Marble Kishangarh or Rosse Plato marble - you can find all types of imported marble in Kishangarh

But the majority of people are unable to select the right type of marble for their buildings. Well, if you are also one of them, then this blog is just for you. Here we have mentioned the things that you should consider while selecting the right type of marble. Let’s begin the journey - 

Here are the following tips to select the right type of marble 

Understand the purpose - 

Whether it is for marble or for you, it is necessary to understand the essence of marble. There are a large variety of marbles available globally, but you need to ask your contractor which marble would be suitable for your interior and exterior. For the countertops in the kitchen, white marble is used. In a similar fashion, there are many other marbles that are suited for the office. 


Now it all depends on the proper understanding of the material, the purpose of the space, and the type of marble. 

Colorful marbles - 

Color plays a major role in creating an impact on the mind of the viewer. Choosing magnificent and illuminating colors will make you the best selector for the building. But if you are confused about the color significance then you need to see this - 


  • The blue color of the marble signifies energy and makes the calm mind.
  • Pink is a symbol of being in love and it also calms the mind 
  • Green symbolizes growth and creates a positive impact on the mind. 
  • Yellow is the color of happiness and orange is the epitome of energy. 
  • Red color stands for passion and energy 
  • Black color signifies power, mystery, strength, and refinery. 
  • Gold is for courage, wisdom, and love. 
  • White is for positivity, purity, and for being clean.
  • Brown color signifies natural, solace and tranquility

Now the work has become a bit simpler in choosing the right color for yourself. 

Check the flaws in the marble - 

Make sure you check the quality of the marble more often while purchasing it. There are several ways to analyze the quality of the marble, and they are: rubbing the lemon and scratching with a knife or sharp object. These flaws are something that you shouldn’t ignore; otherwise, you need to make a sacrifice with your money and effort. 

Choose the right size - 

In the market, you may get different varieties and sizes of slabs, but it is necessary to choose the size and quantity of the marble that suit your building requirements. The thickness of the tiles should be 10-12 mm, and the thickness of the slab should be 16-20 mm.  

Decide the budget - 

Whether you are constructing a building or installing marble, everything requires huge sums of money and effort. With the help of budget availability, you can choose the type of marble and a suitable place for installation. 

From where you can buy the best-imported marble in Kishangarh 

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Wrapping Up - 

This is a complete guide to selecting the right type of marble and if you are someone who is looking for the top leading marble supplier in Kishangarh, then Stone Hub India is the best-suited seller for you. Don’t wait too long; purchase the best-imported marble right here.