How to maintain & clean Imported Marble Flooring?

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There is nothing more elegant and luxurious than having Imported marble flooring, Italian marble, Turkish marble adds an extra pinch of sophistication to the place. However, cleaning and maintaining marble floors is not as easy as other floor types.

Imported marble is more delicate thus needs extra care and much more maintenance for a longer shelf-life. If you want some easy tips to clean marble floors then look no further.

Tips for Cleaning Imported Marble Floor and Avoiding Damage.

It is essential to preserve the delicate surface of imported marble, I am going to share some tips to avoid substantial damage. Keep reading!

Clean Spill as they happen

Marble has a porous surface due to which it absorbs standing liquids including stains and spills, when it happens marble discolors or leaves a permanent stain on your floor.

So, what is the solution? You must clean it at the very moment. Use a damp cloth to blot up the spill, try to avoid spreading the liquid.

Never Allow the Floor to Air Dry

Whenever drying your marble floor make sure you first mop it, then dry it using a clean cloth or towel because air-drying floor makes the floor absorb both detergent and water which is unfit for delicate marble stone like Spanish Grey marble.

Go for Mild Detergents

If you are using detergents to clean the marble floor then make sure that you are using pH-neutral detergents. This pH-neutral cleaning product is gentle to the surface and prevents any damage. Nevertheless, these detergents are less efficient at cleaning tougher stains.

Felt Removes scuff Marks

Scuff Marks are frustrating to discover, it usually appears after furniture is being dragged on the floor or also due to shoes and other stuff.

Most of these scuff marks come off when the floor is mopped, but if still, you are struggling with stubborn ones then apply a mild detergent on a tennis ball and rub the floor along the grain.

Use a Marble Sealer

Using a marble sealer is an easy way to protect your marble. You can buy marble sealers from any shop. Some sealers require its resealing every three years, while others last five years. But in case if you are unsure about how to seal then you must call a professional.

Use Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and Rugs can help to prevent wear on the floors, it will also help in limiting dirt and dust that is easily visible on white marble flooring like Marmara, grey Laurent marble. You can also use doormats by the entrances.

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