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Marble has always been reputed for being costly as it is used in interiors and home decors widely. Many people have this question in what makes it vary from Rs.100 square per ft. to RS.1500 square per feet. There is no absolute answer to this question, as there are many factors contributing to its price.

Marble stones are adored for the uniqueness and grace they provide to a place, so you can’t just put the same price tag on the unique patterns and designs of marble.

Factoring affecting the price of Marble.

  • Country of Origin:

    There are marble stones which are imported like Emperador Dark Marble, this marble is quite expensive as its natural fine veins make it popular. The light blue background on which red and pinkish veins are enveloping. Our inventory has unique marble stones from Turkey, Italy, Spain among other countries.

  • Surface Finishing:

    Another factor that contributes to the pricing is the finishing of the surface. There are different types of finish Stonehub India offers a polished finish, a honed finish, and a leathered finish. Polished finish is the most popular and inexpensive among them. So what type of surface finish you go for adds to the price of the stone.

  • The thickness of Slab:

    The area of the slab not only includes how wide it is but also how thick it is. The thicker slab you go for the higher the price you’ll pay. 18mm is the standard size in India preferred by most the people however, 16mm thick marble stones are available in India, and some exotic marble stones with a 20mm thickness are also available.

  • Application:

    Marbles are available in different designs and are unique in their color and pattern of veins. Some types of marbles are suitable for bathrooms and kitchen countertops that are generally inexpensive. Whereas marble stones for interior décor are costlier because imported marble stones are used to give a lavish and sophisticated look.

  • Availability:

    Quarries from which it is extracted, the country from which it is exported, duties imposed, and most importantly its demand in a particular country all these factors lead to its supply in the market. When marble is rare and extraordinary its price increases significantly. In simple words, when you are asking for imported marble that is rare and not easily available in the domestic market, price rises and vice-versa.

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